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In Volgograd three houses and a duck pond flooded with drains of sewage - RIA Novosti, 12.10.2018

VOLGOGRAD, 12 Oct – RIA Novosti, Svetlana Samsonova. More than 1 thousand residents of Volgograd suffer from the streams of sewage which flooded their houses, water from the sewerage flows even down the street and gets to a local pond with ducks and turtles.© the Press service of the National reserve "Stone Grave" In Ukraine because of theft of pipes the lake of sewage approached object ЮНЕСКОДобраться to a complex from three houses on 30 let Pobedy Boulevard in Dzerzhinsk the district of Volgograd not easy, there is no walking path, and footpaths are filled in with fetid swill which stream aspires to a small pond. Though these houses absolutely near big shopping center and the Park of pilots which began to be arranged well recently. As locals told RIA Novosti, two weeks ago sewer waters filled cellars of three houses — 15 A, and D — and began to flow down the street, having formed pools. "We addressed to different instances – prosecutor's office, Rospotrebnadzor, to structures of housing and public utilities – with complaints to a rush of a sewer pipe. In total wrote 11 letters. But only one was effective, last Friday we left the appeal to the Russian President Administrations. Also stir began, and before we just sank in excrements, even the emergency service did not arrive to us" — reported RIA Novosti the inhabitant of house 15 D Alla Uryvskaya. According to her, most of all from rushes of a sewer pipe to which nearly a half of the residential district is attached their three houses in which nearly 500 apartments were damaged. Olga Kustova who lives in the same house on the third floor, told RIA Novosti that in her apartment there is a terrible smell, and it is impossible to air – the stench goes and from RIA Novosti / Yuli Chestnov street.© to Pass into an image bank To the river in the Tyumen region sewage from Kazakhstan "At me two children got. The son refuses to go to a garden, says: from me smells of a shit. And today to us cut off water supply because of accident and told that heating will not be included, will not drain the cellar yet" — the woman says. Except the flooded cellars of locals concerns also a condition of a small pond near their houses. "There live ducks and big beautiful turtles, we very much worry that sewer waters which flow down in a pond can do much harm them. Water there already muddy, green" — Lyudmila Lozina told RIA Novosti. As reported RIA Novosti in the press service of administration of Volgograd, municipal services already began to eliminate accident. The problem with the sewerage in these houses arose, according to department because the Concordia condominium which since 2012 served these houses badly supported networks so they became useless. "After Concordia Condominium went bankrupt, communications de facto were ownerless. Now employees of "Water supply concession" together with the city authorities eliminate a leak on networks. At the same time there is a process of transfer of networks to economic maintaining a gorvodokanal then specialists of the enterprise will be engaged in their service" — reported RIA Novosti in the press service of the mayor's office.



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