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In Ukraine have dispelled illusions about "the strongest army of Europe" - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

MOSCOW, 26 Sep — RIA Novosti. The activist and the volunteer Yury Kasyanov in the article for the Glavred edition has criticized a propaganda machine of Kiev, because of which in the country, according to him, there are myths about the Ukrainian army as about "the strongest army of Europe".© to Pass the RIA Novosti / Stringer into an image bank the Former commander of AFU has told about a deplorable state Ukrainian армииПо to Kasyanov's opinion, various parades, grandiose "transfers of the equipment", "mythical military victories" only harm defense capability of the country as create illusions about a good situation in AFU. At the same time the activist has sharply criticized the state propagandists who "from any information occasion will stick together the another great victory". Kasyanov has given transition of the A500 "Donbass" command ship and the sea A830 "Korets" tow to the Sea of Azov which the volunteer has characterized as "heroic transition of two old rusty boots" on which "further anchor buoys it is terrible to swim away" as an example. Besides, Kasyanov draws a gloomy picture of reality in the Ukrainian army: "On the fifth year of war we have neither the serial tank, nor the IFV, nor the gun, nor a howitzer, nor the machine gun, nor the automatic machine". Everything being armed in AFU "or old, Soviet, slightly dollied up and painted, or what has remained in production from Soviet period", he has noted, having pointed also to "the catastrophic shortage of staff in field army" and "the fake system of preparation of a reserve". According to Kasyanov, in Ukraine by means of the state promotion the defeatist psychology which is multiplied by myths about victorious Ukrainian army in a situation of "criminal irresponsibility" of the authorities of the country is spread. © to Pass the RIA Novosti / Stringer into an image bank the Military expert: in reality a condition of AFU – a kriticheskoyevsa it indicates "ordinary treachery", the activist concludes. Kiev quite often tries to expose AFU "defenders of the whole Europe". Earlier the president of the country Petro Poroshenko has said that the Ukrainian army — "the strongest on the European continent among armed forces of the countries which aren't entering into NATO". The ex-prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk claimed that for the benefit of the West — to admit Ukraine to NATO because it "protects" borders of alliance.



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