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In Tiraspol there has taken place the military parade - RIA Novosti, 9/2/2018

TIRASPOL, 2 Sep — RIA Novosti. The military parade on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of formation of the unrecognized Dnestr Moldavian republic (Day of the republic) has taken place on Sunday at Suvorov Square in Tiraspol, the correspondent of RIA Novosti tells. © Flickr/texx1978 In Tiraspol have solemnly lifted Flags of Abkhazia and the Southern Osetiikomandoval a parade the chief of general staff of armed forces of PMR colonel Sergey Gerasyutenko, accepted – the Minister of Defence of PMR major general Oleg Obruchkov. Calculations from the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Justice, MGB, Investigative Committee and also the Black Sea Cossack army have participated in a parade. Only 21 ceremonial calculation (more than 1000 servicemen). For the first time pupils of the Tiraspol Suvorov Military School created a year ago participated in a parade. Besides, tozhestvenny two ceremonial calculations of the female military personnel have marched (from the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Internal Affairs). Watched the leaders of the republic headed by the president Vadim Krasnoselsky passing of troops. Addressing participants of a parade and collected on the square, he called the way passed by Transnistria in 28 years big and nice. An important factor of preservation of peace Krasnoselsky called the peacekeeping mission which is fruitfully realized on Dniester carried out under the auspices of Russia. According to him, the authorities of the republic consistently defend the will of the people set by results of a national referendum of 2006 namely creation of the independent state and its subsequent entry into structure of Russia. "Our people have made the choice, and this choice has no alternatives" — the Dnestr leader has emphasized. Upon termination of a parade by tradition on the central street of Tiraspol, on the square and on Dniester Embankment festive festivities have begun, numerous farmsteads are organized here, exhibitions of industrial goods, arts and crafts creativity are developed and art работ.CC BY 4.0 / Administration of the President of the Dnestr Moldavian Republic / the Head of Transnistria has estimated importance of peacekeeping operation in regioneryady with an area the exhibition of the military equipment which is on arms of the Dnestr army is developed. In particular, the T-64 tank, the BRT-70 armored personnel carrier, the fighting reconnaissance patrol vehicle (BRDM-2), the system of volley fire, the ZSU-23-2 antiaircraft emplacement and others are presented. In the evening on the square a big concert which will come to the end with a festive salute will be held. Transnistria which 60% of inhabitants are made by Russians and Ukrainians tried to obtain secession of Moldova before the collapse of the USSR, being afraid that on a nationalism wave Moldova will join Romania. In 1992, after unfortunate attempt of the authorities of Moldova by force to solve a problem, Transnistria became actually uncontrollable to Chisinau the territory.



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