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In the Voronezh region there has begun work the resource center of development of volunteering - RIA Novosti, 10/1/2018

VORONEZH, 1 Oct — RIA Novosti. The resource center of development of volunteering on Monday has begun work on the basis of the regional youth center, the Voronezh region duma reports on Monday. © RIA Novosti / Alexander Vilf Pereyti have returned to the Voronezh school students and students travel privilege to an image bank by electric trains "five employees who will be engaged in development of standards of volunteer participation in projects, formation of the NPO partner network, authorities and business will be involved In staff of the center" — it is said in the statement. Besides, formation of a personnel pool of the region through creation of volunteer base, carrying out monitoring and assessment of activity of volunteer community, development of effective tools of motivation of volunteers is planned. "Also on the basis of the center holding seminars and the training actions for volunteers is planned" — it is added in the message. It was talked of need of creation of the resource center at a meeting with representatives of the volunteer movement of the region on March 27 during which the chairman of the Voronezh region duma Vladimir Netyosov discussed legal regulation and support of volunteer activity with volunteers. Then volunteers have told that the center which will coordinate their work and will allow to make it more effective is necessary for them. Also the issue of development of the volunteer movement was discussed in Moscow on March 29 during the meeting of Board of Legislators of Central Federal District, Netyosov also accepted in RIA Novosti / Kirill Kallinikov is mute participation.© the Action "All-Russian Kind Lesson" is prolonged to 20 октябряПо to his words, the Voronezh region one of the first in the country has adopted the regional law on voluntary activity which has allowed to define the basic principles of this work. "Now in the Voronezh region more than 500 volunteer associations work, and the center at the level of the subject of the region is extremely necessary for coordination of volunteer activity. It will become for volunteers that place where they will be able to obtain consulting and reference information, to gather shots, to train them in volunteer work and to distribute them for assistance in the most relevant directions", – Netyosov has said in the speech. Last week during the meeting of the Voronezh regional Duma deputies have made changes to the regional law "About the Regional Budget on 2018 and for Planning Period of 2019 and 2020". "In particular, allocations at the expense of reserve means of the regional budget to Department of Education, science and youth policy of the Voronezh region have been increased. According to the accepted adjustments, the regional youth center has gained on creation of the resource center developments of volunteering in the Voronezh region of 550 thousand rubles", – the chairman of Legislative Assembly Vladimir Netyosov.© of RIA Novosti / Evgeny Novozhenin In Russia on support of volunteering I have explained will allocate nearly seven billion rubleytekushchiya year is announced Year of the volunteer in Russia. Speaking at the II All-Russian seminar meeting which has taken place in June in Voronezh with representatives региональн



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