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In the USA was arrested the owner of the company selling drawings of weapon for 3D - the press - RIA Novosti, 9/24/2018

MOSCOW, 24 Sep — RIA Novosti. The owner of the Defense Distributed company selling drawings of weapon for 3D - the press, Cody Wilson is taken into custody in connection with charges of sexual harassment in relation to the minor, reports the USA Today edition with reference to the statement Photo vessels.©: National Park Service USA of the Tourist in the USA have arrested for use of a geyser instead of pissuararany Wilson has reported at a press conference that his company has begun to sell drawings of weapon which can, presumably, be printed on the 3D-printer after the court has forbidden to publish drawings online. The company distributes drawings of a self-made AR-15 rifle, claiming that cost of production won't exceed 10 dollars apiece. As reports the edition, Wilson on Friday has been arrested on Taiwan then he was extradited to the USA and have taken into custody in prison the cities of Houston, State of Texas. The service of federal marshals has brought Wilson to Texas that he has appeared before the court on a charge of payment of 500 dollars to the girl in exchange for intimate relationship. In July, 2018 U.S. authorities were allowed to publish in the Internet of the instruction for assembly of a gun on the 3D-printer then against them Attorney-Generals of ten states have submitted a claim. The first gun which main components can be unpacked on the 3D-printer was invented by the American armorer enthusiast, the founder of the Defense Distributed company Cody Wilson. In May, 2013 month Wilson declared successful test of the Liberator model, and then has laid out drawings according to which the gun can be unpacked independently in free access. © AP Photo/Matt Rourke In the USA have arrested the suspect on the case of mass the justice peredozirovkeministerstvo already for a row of years has legal proceedings with Defense Distributed which posted on the website instructions for listing of plastic guns on 3D-printers. In the USA there is a law according to which all firearms have to be produced so that he was distinguished by metaldetectors. Developers of plastic guns bypassed the law, adding an iron slip to a gun design, however this detail was removable and it wasn't required in order that the gun could perform the functions. Thus, the instruction suited also for production of guns which can't be found the metaldetector.



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