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In the Syrian Ez-Zabadani will restore the destroyed Orthodox church and school - RIA Novosti, 8/24/2018

EZ-ZABADANI (Syria), 24 Aug — RIA Novosti. Restoration of Orthodox church of the Virgin and the building of sunday school destroyed by terrorists during war has begun in the Syrian city of Ez-Zabadani in the province Damascus near border with Lebanon.© AP Photo/Mary Altaffer Al-Qaeda * can take the IS place * in Syria, Nebenzyavosstanovleniye considers it is made by forces of locals and volunteers which clear away buildings from garbage and raise funds for restoration. "When terrorists of Nusra * (Jabhat al-Nusra group * — an edition) have occupied the city, they have destroyed and have plundered this temple, residents have been forced to run from here. Now, when the Syrian army has released Ez-Zabadani, I am engaged in his restoration" — the volunteer restorer Nader Gosun has told. He has added that repair of church of Blessed Virgin Mary goes for donations of the Syrian Christians and Muslims who, despite religion, also consider that the temple with more than 200-year history needs to be recreated anew. Near church the cenobium on which first floor there was a children's sunday school was located. After arrival of terrorists of occupation at school have stopped, fighters have founded the headquarters in the building, and on the first floor have made prison. During Ez-Zabadani's release the building was strongly damaged — two large-caliber shells have got to him, and now it is also restored by residents. "Terrorists threw here residents who haven't managed to escape and didn't share their views. Here held women, children, old men, captured soldiers of the Syrian army. My brother has pleased here for refusal to work for terrorists, to сир I don't know a time where he and that is with him" — the resident Mazhd al-Alayubi who is engaged in restoration.© RIA Novosti / Nancey Sisel Pereyti in an image bank of Nebenzya has told has accused foreign intelligence agencies of arms supplies ИГ*По to his words, in the building is planned to make a shelter for children. "We want to restore this building and to make here a shelter for orphans whose parents have died at the hands of terrorists. A half of day we work at the earth, and the second half on restoration of this building and other houses of the city" — al-Alayubi has noted. Every day in the freed city there are more and more people who come both from other provinces of Syria here, and from the neighboring Lebanon where they ran from war. According to al-Alayubi, before war about 30 thousand people lived in Ez-Zabadani, and now his population makes about six thousand inhabitants. Before war the city was not only the Christian religious center, but also the popular resort because of soft climate and abundance of green plantings — people from all Syria came to have a rest here, and wealthy citizens bought houses here. However fighters have destroyed the most part of inhabited constructions, and now people restore the dwellings. "In 2012 I ran with the family to Lebanon from here … When has returned, I was terrified from in what state the city. In Lebanon it was difficult, it was necessary to work even to my wife and children. Syria — my homeland, I couldn't but return" — вспо



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