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In the State Duma with irony have answered Klimkin's words about nuclear weapon in the Crimea - RIA Novosti, 10/2/2018

SIMFEROPOL, 2 Oct – RIA Novosti. The deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the Crimean region Andrey Kozenko, commenting on the words of the Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin about nuclear weapon on the peninsula, I have assumed that after nuclear warheads in the Crimea the Ukrainian authorities will be made out also "the dead with braids along the road".© RIA Novosti / Alexey Nichukin Pereyti in an image bank the Delegation from the USA called a referendum in the Crimea lawful will narodarany Klimkin on air of ATR TV channel has said that Russia could deploy nuclear weapon or at least, infrastructure for him, on the Crimean peninsula. According to him, Russia has turned the Crimea into one huge military base. Klimkin has also reported that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine plans to prepare the draft of the special resolution of the UN concerning "militarization of the Crimea". "It isn't for nothing said: fear takes molehills for mountains. I won't be surprised if the Ukrainian impostors in power, besides nuclear warheads, in the Crimea also the dead with braids along the road behold" — Kozenko whose words are cited by his press service has told. The deputy has emphasized that the fear of the Kiev authorities is quite reasonable. Rada's deputy after rest in the Crimea has understood the reasons of his return to Russia "Russia possesses the arms significantly surpassing any country in force. But all this in order that such as Klimkin, his company and senior "friends" haven't desired spans of the Russian land", – Kozenko has told. The Crimea became the Russian region after the referendum held there in March, 2014 on which 96,77% of voters of the Republic of Crimea and 95,6% of residents of Sevastopol have supported entry into structure of the Russian Federation. The Crimean authorities have held a referendum after a coup d'etat in Ukraine in February, 2014. Ukraine still considers the Crimea the, but temporarily occupied territory. The leadership of the Russian Federation repeatedly said that residents of the Crimea in the democratic way, in full accordance with international law and the charter of the UN have voted for reunion with Russia. According to the Russian President Putin, the question of the Crimea "is closed finally".



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