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In the Star city astronauts from the UAE have begun preparation for flight to the ISS - RIA Novosti, 9/4/2018

MOSCOW, 4 Sep — RIA Novosti. Two citizens of the UAE have started preparation for flight on the International Space Station in the Russian Center of Training of Astronauts (CTA) in the Star city situated near Moscow, RIA Novosti / Vladimir Sergeyev is reported on the website of the center.© to Pass into an image bank In group of astronauts for disembarkation to the Moon doctors and geologists" can enter TsPK Today training of representatives of the UAE as participants of space flight on the transport piloted Union of MS ship on the Russian segment of the ISS in April, 2019 begins. Preparation in the Center will be started by two candidates" — it is said in the statement. Candidates have been selected by the main medical commission which meeting has taken place in TsPK at the end of August. Trainings were started by the pilot of army of the UAE Hazzaa Al-Mansuri and Sultan Al-Neyadi serving in Armed forces of the UAE. The general program of training of the participant of space flight of the UAE and his doubler provides preparation on the ISS systems and the Union ship, complex and medicobiological preparation with regular physical trainings. During training trainings on actions of crew in extreme conditions and situations, flights are also planned for Il-76MDK with reproduction of the modes of zero gravity. The main part of preparation will be carried out on the basis of TsPK. The program of training will come to the end with examination complex trainings as a part of crew and prestarting preparation on Baikonur, it is told on the website of the center. Flight of the first representative of the UAE to the ISS is planned in April, 2019 and about a week will last. The start will be made on the transport piloted Union of MS-12 ship, return is planned with crew of the Union of MS-10 ship. في إنجاز عربي جديد. نعلن اليوم عن أسماء أول رائدي فضاء عرب لمحطة الفضاء الدولية. هزاع المنصوري وسلطان النيادي. هزاع وسلطان يمثلان كل الشباب العربي. ويرفعان سقف الطموحات للأجيال الإمارتية الجديدة. ألف مبروك لشعبنا وشبابنا.



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