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In the Ryazan region the competition in a uniform talent pool of managers - RIA Novosti, 05.12.2018 started

RYAZAN, 5 Dec — RIA Novosti. The governor of the Ryazan region Nikolay Lyubimov declared start in the region of an open competition in a uniform reserve of administrative staff, the regional government.© of RIA Novosti RIA Novosti Natruskin Pereyti in an image bank the Ryazan region reports on Wednesday implements more than hundred projects of "The effective government" Nikolay Lyubimov announced it at the All-Russian forum "Lean Production" which takes place in the Ryazan region on December 5. The head of the region took part in work of the Thrifty Government session as the speaker and told participants about the main results of Year of lean production which was announced in the region in 2018. According to the governor, in one and a half years in the region about 1400 people were trained to effective use of lean-technologies. Instruments of "lean production" are used in 75 institutions and the organizations of the region today. "We seek to be effective, we want the maximum advantage for the region therefore active work on promotion of this project will be continued. The basic principle of "lean production" – continuous improvement of people and processes in which they are engaged. In the same vector also formation of a reserve of administrative staff of the Ryazan region is conducted. This problem needs to be solved if we really want to increase management efficiency in the region at all levels", – Lyubimov.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Druzhinin Pereyti in an image bank told the Head of the Ryazan region demanded from officials maximum эффективностиКак the governor noted, together with presidential academy a series of actions for 40 thousand public and municipal servants, workers of the budgetary sphere who were included into base of perspective shots of the Ryazan region is already held. "Today I declare start of an open competition in a uniform reserve of administrative staff. Everyone, irrespective of the place of work, has an opportunity to join the team of the government of the region, to hold concrete positions on civil service or in the organizations and institutions of area" — Lyubimov told. The head of the region invited all become interested in a competition to be registered on the "Administrative Shots of the Ryazan Region" portal, and those who underwent registration procedure and questioning — to the following stage. "Working with uniform team, we together will be able to bring more benefit to the region and the country" — Lyubimov noted. Read other news of the region here>>



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