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In the Ministry of Internal Affairs have begun to pay Russians for the help to police - RIA Novosti, 8/27/2018

MOSCOW, 27 Aug — RIA Novosti. The police begins to pay remuneration to the Russians who have assisted in investigations and detention of criminals. The order is published on the website and RIA Novosti / Mikhail Kireev has come into force on Monday.© to Pass into an image bank have presented to the Resident of Chechnya trying to detain the criminal on a car an inomarkuz it is possible to receive granting reliable information to several million rubles. The amount of remuneration to 500 thousand rubles will be determined according to the decision of the head or deputy of territorial authority of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to three million rubles — according to the decision of the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, over three million rubles — according to the decision of the minister. It is specified that all payments will become possible only after detention and brining a charge. Will report to informants about remuneration no later than two weeks from the date of the publication of the order. Will inform on refusal within a week after the approval of the conclusion about effectiveness of the submitted data. Money is reserved in financial and economic department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. From there they will be listed by purpose in territorial authority of department. The member of the committee of the State Duma on safety and anti-corruption Adalbi Shkhagoshev has assessed an innovation positively. "Many crimes can't be solved without participation of people, the material motivation strengthens possibilities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the address to citizens" — he has told it the deputy is confident in Rt.Pri interview that to abuse it it won't turn out as the order "it is worked very deeply". "The decision is made at the high level of the ministry — regional or federal, and it will also be checked by service of own safety. If someone worries that it can become the corruption scheme, then it not so" — Shkhagoshev has specified. He has also added that for ordering of payments creation of special fund.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Druzhinin isn't excluded to Pass into an image bank Kolokoltsev has awarded children and teenagers for heroic a postupkipredsedatel of public council on relationship of citizens with law-enforcement departments Anton Tsvetkov estimates the new mechanism of interaction of police and citizens as effective. The emphasis at the same time is placed not on payment per se, and on gratitude, he adds. "It will raise level of credibility to police. People have to have a motivation, moral and material. Some critics say that there has to be a civil consciousness. Why we say that citizens constantly something have to? But if they something have to, then and for them it is necessary to do something" — Tsvetkov has specified. The court lawyer Nathan Budovnits also sees advantage in a new initiative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, however considers that she demands completion. "There is a question: how remuneration will be distributed if several people and as it will be defined have reported about crime. If two calls at the same time are carried out, up to a minute. Such coincidence can be assumed, especially if there is general multichannel phone" — Budovnits has concluded.



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