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In the MFA of Russia have commented on attempt of failure of certification of Tu-214ON - RIA Novosti, 9/25/2018

MOSCOW, 25 Sep — RIA Novosti. The attempt of the USA to break certification of the Russian Tu-214ON plane is next "political merrymakings", the director of the department of questions of non-proliferation and arms control has said the MFA of Russia Vladimir Ermakov.© Flickr/José Luis Celada Euba of the USA certified Tu-214 for flights on "The open sky" Earlier was reported that the USA has blocked the admission of the new Russian Tu-214ON plane to observation flights under the Contract of the open sky without reason explanation, however then gosdepartamt has said that approval of the new camera requires time for additional consultations with experts. Within implementation of the Contract on the open sky from September 2 to September 11 Russia has held an event for the international survey of new type of the Russian plane of observation of Tu-214ON with the digital camera of domestic production OSDCAM4060. In total 72 experts from 23 State Parties of the contract which have confirmed full compliance of the plane of observation of Tu-214ON to requirements and restrictions of the contract have taken part in survey. "There were no doubts that our plane will be certified because it conforms to all requirements. There was a certification failure attempt, we have carried it to political merrymakings which, unfortunately, prevail in approaches of our western colleagues recently" — Ermakov has told, speaking at a press conference in IIA Russia Today. © the RIA Novosti / Maxims Bogodvid Pereyti in an image bank the Expert: the refusal to allow Tu-214 to observation flights is "whim" Ssharany the U.S. President Donald Trump has signed the defensive budget of the country for 2019 financial year which limits financing of a number of works on implementation of the Contract on the open sky. The Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov called it "in the way to further intoxication of the international relations unilateral approaches". The contract on the open sky has been signed in 1992 and became one of confidence-building measures in Europe after Cold War. He acts since 2002 and allows member countries to collect openly information on armed forces and each other actions. The contract includes the majority of the countries of NATO, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and neutral Sweden and Finland. As a rule, flights of Russia and the countries of NATO are carried out on a mutual basis.



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