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In the Kemerovo region snow - RIA Novosti, has dropped out 9/3/2018

NOVOSIBIRSK, 3 Sep – RIA Novosti. The first snow abnormally has early dropped out in the Kemerovo region because of sharp temperature drops, the press secretary of the Kemerovo hydrometeorological center Natalya Полуэктова.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Filippov has reported to RIA Novosti on Monday to Pass into an image bank In Moscow on Monday it is expected abnormally warm for September having told fortunes to the past weekend and Monday residents of the Kemerovo region began to publish photos with the first snow which has dropped out in different areas of the region in social networks. "At the beginning of September we seldom have snow. Last year the first snow has dropped out on September 8 in Sheregesh - it is the mountainous area. Usually snow is observed 14, on September 21, that is towards the end of a month temporary snow cover is established and somewhere in October in some areas constant is established. We had no such early terms of loss of snow yet. But it is a sleet, and even not the first cover, he has quickly thawed" — Poluektova has told. The publication from KEMEROVO 💥 (@mreporter_kemerovo) 2 Sep, 2018 at 10:01 Pdtsobesednitsa of the agency has noted that snow has been connected with sharp difference of temperatures. So, for example, on Sunday in Novokuznetsk there were 23 degrees in the afternoon, and at daybreak air temperature has fallen up to 7 degrees of heat. "We have cyclone, and it pumped cold Arctic air mass which has begun to fall with the North of the area. Negative marks of temperature were on the ball, and it has provoked loss of rainfall not in the form of a rain any more, and in the form of a sleet and somewhere places of a hail" — the press secretary has explained. At the same time she has reported that on the meteorological stations operating in the region snow wasn't observed. Only in the morning on Monday at the northern station "Tayga" the rain with the sleet was observed. "On meteorological stations we have recorded rainfall from moderated to strong. On the South of the area 27 millimeters of rainfall dropped out. While there is also cloudy weather, still pours a rain. Air temperature near plus 8-9 degrees" — she has added.



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