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In the Kaliningrad zoo will open nursing home for bears - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

KALININGRAD, 26 Sep — RIA Novosti. The nursing home for bears where will live five animals, elderly to bear measures, will open on Thursday in the Kaliningrad zoo, the press secretary of the Kaliningrad zoo Ekaterina of Mikhaylov.© of the Photo has told journalists: The Kaliningrad zoo In the Kaliningrad zoo for the first time was born a cub Patagonian Mary "the New exposition has received the name "House of Old Bears". These are five open-air cages equipped for accommodation of elderly animals. Plans for arrangement of "The house of old bears" have been submitted to the chairman of group on bears of the European association of zoos and aquariums (EAZA) Dzhoza Kok during the annual EAZA conference last year. The project has got approval" — Mikhaylova has told. She has told that the 31-year-old brown she-bear Nastya will lodge in one of open-air cages. She has arrived to the Kaliningrad zoo at three-year age from a zoo of the Ukrainian city of Maine. For the life she became mother of 42 bear cubs for what in 2013 has been admitted to Association of mothers having many children. Except Nastya there will live a 28-year-old Ussuriysk belogrudy she-bear the Actress here. In three remained open-air cages will lodge the American black bears of baribal: a male of Argon which is 31 years old at average life expectancy of these bears of 30 years, Hovdi's female (her too 31 years) and their daughter Hanni who is 18 years old. As the Kaliningrad zoo can't build the bears enclosures meeting the modern requirements yet, Pogr.© RIA Novosti / Alexander Kryazhev is planned to transfer Hanni to the rehabilitation center for bears in the safari park of the French city over time Medveditsa has adopted the deserted bear cub in the wildlife area on Kamchatkepo to Mikhaylova's words, spring of 2017 the commission of EAZA, a candidate for which members is the Kaliningrad zoo, has subjected to severe criticism of a condition of keeping of bears in a zoo of Kaliningrad. The historical bear-hunter constructed nearly 100 years ago doesn't meet modern standards of keeping of bears neither on the area long ago, nor on arrangement as bears need pools for swimming, trees for a lasagna and soil for digging. The bear-hunter is constructed as raznourovnevy rocks that causes additional problems to age animals. According to the recommendation of experts of old bears have decided to move in converted a volchatnik. In one of open-air cages equipped the pool, in each open-air cage for "old men" there was a shower, have established hammocks and new elements for enrichment of the environment. Special attention was paid to a covering. A floor on a new object was filled up with bark and spill to preserve joints of animals against cooling and loadings.



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