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In the DPR have reported about arrival in Donbass of military from the USA and Canada - RIA Novosti, 9/2/2018

DONETSK, 2 Sep — RIA Novosti. To the territory of Donbass there has arrived a large number of foreign mercenaries among whom there are high-ranking military from the USA and Canada. The head of the press service of expeditious command of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic Daniil Bezsonov.© of AFP 2018/Anatolii Stepanov In LPR has told about it have announced activization of snipers and saboteurs of AFU in Donbasseon has noted that mercenaries have arrived to divisions of the 56th motor-infantry and the 406th artillery crews, being in the area of the settlement Urzuf. Besides, they have arrived in the headquarters of OTG "East". "We don't exclude that the arrived military personnel of foreign armed forces will be directly involved in planning and carrying out offensive operation" — Bezsonov has told. At the same time the spokesman has said that appearance of foreign military is connected with training of the Ukrainian security officers for escalation of the conflict in the south of Donetsk region. Earlier in LPR have told that at the line of contact snipers became more active and prospecting and diversionary groups of AFU.B of National militia of the republic consider that the Ukrainian security officers intend to provoke LPR to reciprocal actions during truce. It has come into force on August 29 and is dated for the beginning of academic year. Marochko has said that the Ukrainian command continues to support an intense situation in a zone of the conflict and to make misstatements about firings from the self-proclaimed republic. The day before security officers have tried to provoke forces of the DPR to fire.© of the Photo it is provided by Oleg Tsarev "Provocatively impudent terrorist attack". The political scientist about murder Zakharchenko "On information which is available for us, the Ukrainian side tried flight of helicopters and planes along the line of fighting contact yesterday to provoke our armed forces to truce failure" — the Minister of Defence of the self-proclaimed republic Vladimir Kononov has told. If the army of the DPR has given in on provocation, violation of truce would be recorded by the journalists and human rights activists who were in the territory under control to Kiev, he has added. According to Kononov, the situation on the line of contact is under control of forces of the self-proclaimed republic. Earlier in the DPR announced the preparing approach of AFU after Alexander Zakharchenko's death. Minsk Agreement



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