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In the Czech Republic the man was hospitalized with symptoms of fever of the Western Neil - RIA Novosti, 10/1/2018

PRAGUE, 1 Oct – RIA Novosti. Tests at the man hospitalized in the city of Brzhetslava in the southeast of the Czech Republic have confirmed all symptoms of a virus of fever of the Western Neil, the representative of directorate of hospital Tanya Svobodova has told on Monday to journalists. © not less than 27 people have caught Flickr/Halton Region EMS In Canada the Western Neil's fever "This man wasn't in recent years abroad, apparently, he has got an infection in the Czech Republic. This disease is transferred only a certain look by mosquitoes, from the person to the person it isn't transmitted. Life of the patient is out of danger" — Svobodova has told. Last month in the Czech Republic the death of the person as a result of a disease of fever Western Neil is for the first time recorded. The 72-year-old woman who was also not leaving in recent years to other countries that confirms emergence in the republic of the mosquitoes carrying this disease has died. The hospital in Brzhetslava has temporarily stopped intake of blood from donors. The Ministry of Health of the country after the death of the elderly woman has strengthened information and explanatory work in media and among the population about this disease. The Western Neil's fever — the acute viral disease which is characterized by fever, serous inflammation of brain covers (it is extremely rare — an encephalomeningitis), system damage of mucous membranes, a limfadenopatiya and, more rare, rash. © AFP 2018/ARIS MESSINIS the number of victims of fever of the Western Neil has increased In Greece to 31 человекаКак the manager of National laboratory on arbovirus (neuroviruses) has told journalists Ghana Is green, this year in a number of the southern European countries unusually high quantity caught this disease, in particular, in Greece, Italy, Hungary, Serbia is observed. Most often the virus is transferred by mosquitoes. The incubatory period of a disease is from 3 to 14 days. At healthy people the signs it only reminds flu. But at children, people of advanced age and also persons with the weakened immunity the virus can give complications and pass into encephalitis or meningitis, and in exceptional cases, according to Green, can terminate in the death of the patient.© Illyustration of RIA Novosti. Alina Polyanina, Depositphotos/CandyBoxImages Beautiful and dangerous: viruses, from which isn't present spaseniyavpervy, the virus of fever of the western Neil has been allocated from blood of the sick person in 1937 in Uganda. In the subsequent instructions on wide circulation of a disease in Africa and Asia have appeared. Most often the disease meets in the countries of the Mediterranean, especially in Israel and Egypt. Disease cases in France — on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and on Corsica and also in India and Indonesia are described. Existence of the natural centers of a disease in some Post-Soviet countries — Armenia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova and also in a number of the southern regions of Russia is proved.



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