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In the Czech Republic the exercises Ample Strike with participation of military from 19 countries - RIA Novosti, start 9/3/2018

PRAGUE, 3 Sep – RIA Novosti. About 1,2 thousand soldiers from 19 countries will take part in the exercises Ample Strike 2018 in the Czech Republic which will pass from September 3 to September 14. At the same time number of foreign participants of doctrines the 200th person.© RIA Novosti / Igor Zarembo Pereyti in an image bank makes approximately Effect of presence. Russia has begun the largest manoeuvers of the Navy in the Mediterranean moretselyyu of Ample Strike 2018 working off of interaction of land tipper-ofs with crews of planes and helicopters is. During maneuvers fighting vehicles will take off from airfields in the cities of Pardubice, Chaslav and Namnesht-nad-Oslavou. Directly doctrines will pass in the region of military zones Boletitsa, Bekhin, Libava and Namnesht-nad-Oslavou who are in the territory of East Czech Republic, North and South Moravia. The majority of flights will be made from 9:00 till 23:00, night departures are reduced to a minimum. At the same time foreign aviacars won't have arms. 36 planes and helicopters from nine countries will take part in doctrines. In particular, the Czech Republic allocates for this purpose one JAS-39 Gripen fighter, four L-159 ALCA attack planes and three Mi-24/35 helicopters. From Germany about two Eurofighter Typhoon and Panavia Tornado fighters, from the USA — the V-52 bomber will arrive. Each country pays all expenses for participation in doctrines. Also the arrival of the SU-22 planes of the Polish Air Force was first assumed, however, as the head of doctrines colonel Zdenek Gabriel has reported, their use in the republic is for technical reasons suspended. © RIA Novosti / Evgeny Biyatov Pereyti in an image bank forces of the Southern Military District On duty have reflected attack of "opponent" on military chastiavianavodchik are 28 collectives of 18 countries. Besides, to doctrines several dozens of reservists of the Czech army who will bring protection of objects and aviacars are connected. The population of the cities and villages near which there will pass doctrines traditionally with great interest expects them. "Similar doctrines at us pass very often, people have got used to them and show considerable interest, especially youth. Besides, we have very brightly lit a church, and I know directly from pilots that it serves for them during flights as an additional reference point in the evening" — the deputy of the head of the village of Pogorzhelitse of the Southern Moravian region Mirosêaw Novak has told journalists.



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