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In the Crimea consider actions of Ukraine as one of versions of the reasons of chemical emission - RIA Novosti, 9/14/2018

Plant of closed joint stock company Crimean titanium. Archival photo
SIMFEROPOL, 14 Sep — RIA Novosti. The authorities of the Crimea and law enforcement authorities consider six reasons of air pollution in the north of the peninsula near the city of Armyansk, including dumping of unspecified substances from the territory of the adjacent state of (Ukraine), the head of operational staff, the Deputy Prime Minister of the government of the Crimea Igor Mykhaylychenko has told journalists in Simferopol. "Today there are six versions of the reasons of emission of pollutants in the atmosphere. The first – dumping of unspecified chemicals from the territory of the adjacent state" — Mykhaylychenko has told. Other studied versions are: emission of harmful substances in the atmosphere of the Titanic Investments enterprise, excess of levels of emission of harmful substances of the Brom and Krymsky Sodovy zavod enterprises (both are in Krasnoperekopsk), excess of volumes and concentration of dumping of sulphurous acid by the Titanic Investments plant in a kislotonakopitel and violation of the rules of operation by this enterprise of a kislotonakopitel. "Investigation is conducted, information isn't disclosed in the interests of the investigation. As soon as the reasons are established and guilty persons are defined, we immediately will sound them" — Mykhaylychenko has told. The head of the Crimean Department of Rospotrebnadzor Natalya Penkovskaya has reported on Friday that he is recorded excess of maximum-permissible concentration of harmful substances in atmospheric air again in the north of the Crimea where earlier there was already a chemical emission because of evaporation of a kislotonakopitel of Crimean Titanium chemical plant. According to her, excess of average daily concentration is noted by 9 times. At the same time Penkovskaya has emphasized that excess of concentration of sulphurous anhydride for the last days is noted only near the village the Recop, and there are no excesses on one point in Armyansk. The situation with a kislotonakopitel of Crimean Titanium chemical plant has become aggravated at the end of August when because of emission of pollutant on roofs of houses and leaves of trees of the city of Armyansk and nearby villages the oily raid with a yellow shade was formed. On the fourth of September experts have recorded excess of threshold limit value of sulphurous anhydride in air. The nearby chemical plant "Crimean Titanium" is completely stopped. The authorities have made the decision to take out children from the city of Armyansk and two villages of the area to improving institutions.



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