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In Sochi the international forum dated for the 15 anniversary of the Russian Railway - RIA Novosti, opens 10/2/2018

SOCHI, 2 Oct — RIA Novosti. The first international transport and logistic forum "PRO//Movement.1520" dated for the 15 anniversary from the date of formation of JSC "Russian Railways" opens in Sochi, RIA Novosti / Alexey Danichev is spoken to Pass on the action.© website into an image bank In the Russian Railway have explained whether passengers from the top shelves can sit on lower "the Forum will become the new platform for dialogue between representatives of transport branch, state, investment community, experts. Development of transport corridors, the international cooperation, acceleration of freght traffics will become the main subjects of a forum" — organizers report. Part in work of a forum will be taken by representatives of the largest Russian and foreign companies connected with logistics and transportations, financial institutions. Among them in the program the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Evgeny Dietrich, the CEO of the Russian Railway Oleg Belozerov and others appear. Important point of the program of a forum organizers call the presentation of technology solutions which are capable to change considerably habitual model of transport, transportation of goods and passengers.© RIA Novosti / Alexander Demyanchuk Pereyti in an image bank In the Russian Railway have told why air tickets search of new mutually advantageous formats of interaction of different types of transport, development of joint initiatives for the benefit of clients, a possibility of participation of financial institutions in large infrastructure projects, digitalization will be cheaper than reserved seat transportations "In focus of attention of participants of a forum" — it is said in the statement. In particular, within the forum the issue of what investment strategy of financing of railway projects are optimum will be discussed at a session with participation of representatives of large finance corporations. Heads of the national railroads and experts of branch will hold the meeting devoted to elimination of logistic barriers when exporting goods. Subjects for discussion: development of a corridor "East-West", acceleration of container transportations on a route from the Far East to the western borders of Russia, high-speed sending goods of e-commerce. "The separate flow of the business program will be devoted to a subject of passenger traffic" — organizers.© RIA Novosti / Natalya Seliverstova tell Pereyti in an image bank In the Russian Railway have told about advantages irretrievable билетовТак, within the forum the second international passenger forum will take place. "On him questions of the competition which carriers should face, a marketing role during a digital era will be considered" — it is said in the statement. 1520 millimeters are an official width of a track of the railroads of Russia, the CIS countries, the Baltic, Mongolia and Finland. Its total length on this space is over 150 thousand kilometers. Such track is called still Europe, China, "wide" in comparison with a so-called "narrow" track which is used, in particular, in the countries of North America, and has width of 1435 millimeters.



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