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In Russia the stock "The Anthem of Russia — Simple Words" - RIA Novosti, started 9/3/2018

MOSCOW, 3 Sep — RIA Novosti. The press conference devoted to start of the All-Russian educational action "The Anthem of Russia — Simple Words" has taken place on Monday, September 3, 2018, in IIA Russia Today. © RIA Novosti the Press conference devoted to start of the stock "The Anthem of Russia — Simple Words" At the most serious and responsible moments of our life sounds "the main song of the country", her anthem. Together with adults he is listened by children – houses at the TV, at school on rulers. But whether always they understand the maintenance of one of the main symbols of the Russian statehood, along with a flag and the coat of arms? Several dozens of school students have asked that they mean these or those words in the modern edition of the anthem operating since December, 2000. "Fatherland" is a spiritual component of human thinking … "Be famous" means esteem yourself … "Power" – defense, army", – children have told. In 2016-17 two All-Russian competitions "The Anthem of Russia — Simple Words" during which school students independently chose concepts of the anthem and explained them have taken place. Actions have united 2064 participants from 525 settlements of 56 territorial subjects of the Russian Federation. "The competition became interesting to one and all age categories of children. Of course, kids were helped by mothers with fathers … This parental creativity became the key to success", – the rector of ANO DPO "Akademiya innovatsionnogo obrazovaniya i razvitiya" Olga Rubtsova has reported. © Photo: Media campus of MDTs "Artek" of Mastusov: the future to a stranykroma of pages of the presentation depends on quality of animated films, participants provided videos, and children shot animated films that to them it is expensive. "Children used not only Internet resources, but also resorted to traditional classical, that is, to paper etymological dictionaries of Russian", – she has added, having invited also adults and children to participation in the project which "has to be the All-Russian educational action". Actions of National parental association allow to realize better in practice a role of family in education. They cause the ready response in regions, the director of the department of state policy in the sphere of the general education of the Ministry of Public Education of the Russian Federation Andrey Petrov has noted. Having reminded that during the day, according to researches, the average father will see off with the child of 12 minutes, the official has told that "and it is all the same partnership and it teaches our children too". Models of child adult cooperation are an important part of educational work, teach children to work and its value in the general system of values. He has expressed confidence that if it is possible "fully comprehensively and on a substantial scale to develop this partnership as public and private", then in this case "we will be able to solve the most ambitious problems". Within the press conference 9 projects devoted to the Russian family and traditional family values have been submitted. Most "ancient" among carried out by National parental association with assistance of the Ministry of Education and Science, and now the Ministries of Public Education of Russia, is the All-Russian competition шко



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