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In Primorye have suggested to celebrate the Day of defeat of Japanese at Hassan - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

VLADIVOSTOK, 26 Sep — RIA Novosti. Deputies of Legislative Assembly of Primorye have sent to the State Duma the draft federal law which provides establishment of one more day of military glory – Day of defeat of the Japanese aggressors near the Lake Hasan on August 11, the regional parliament.© of RIA Novosti RIA Novosti Shagin Pereyti in an image bank the Plot written by blood reports: prototypes of heroes of military movies "the Bill are declassified provides establishment of day of military glory – on August 11 – Day of defeat of the Japanese aggressors parts of the First separate Army Decorated with the Order of the Red Banner near the Lake Hasan (1938). As the vice-chairman of committee on regional policy and legality Alexander Los has reported, the committee has supported the relevant proposal of a thought of Hasansky district in July of the current year. According to regulations of work with the State Duma the bill has been sent to Board of Legislators at Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and has got approval" — it is said in the statement. In August of this year 80 years from the date of defeat of Japanese near the Lake Hasan were executed. A series of collisions between the Japanese imperial army and the Red Army has arisen because of claims from Japan in the territory at the Lake Hasan and Tumannaya River. In the first days of August the Japanese troops have intruded on the Soviet territory, the impact was reflected by 11 fighters of the Posyetsky frontier post. After parts 32nd and 40th of divisions with assistance of tanks have taken the offensive, their actions were supported by 250 planes. Both parties sustained big losses. On the ninth of August, 1938 the Soviet troops have completely cleared the territory of aggressors, next day the parties have agreed to cease fire and to restore the status quo on border of the USSR with Manchukuo. On the eleventh of August military operations at the Lake Hasan are stopped. To decrees of presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR of June 5, 1939 "About perpetuation of memory of heroes of Hassan" on August 6 day of the general attack of parts 1 of the EYE, capture of height by Zaozerna and clarification of the Soviet land from the Japanese aggressors have been defined by a holiday of the First separate Army Decorated with the Order of the Red Banner as. In 1988 in Vladivostok the monument to ten heroes Red Army men "A mass grave of the commander of the Red Army Mironov and the Red Army men who have died on the Lake Hasan" is established.



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