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In Novosibirsk will discuss an issue of installation in the city of a bust to Stalin - RIA Novosti, 12.10.2018

NOVOSIBIRSK, 12 Oct – RIA Novosti. The arts council of Novosibirsk in November, after the procedure of public discussions, once again will discuss an issue of installation in the city of a monument to Joseph Stalin, the chairman of the city arts council Alexander Lozhkin.© Foto told journalists on Friday: Nikita Davydenko In Novosibirsk Stalinists demanded to demolish a monument to Nicholas II "Till October 29 there are public discussions, till November 6 on them the commission has to make the decision and after it directs the protocol, the meeting of arts council will be appointed. Somewhere, most likely, in the first half of November" — he told. Lozhkin noted that even the basic decision on installation of a monument to Stalin in Novosibirsk is not made yet. It will be deemed accepted after the mayor appends the signature in the relevant resolution. On public discussion is taken out three possible installation sites of a bust — because they were offered by initiative group of applicants. "I will note that the procedure of public discussion does not provide vote. It is collecting opinions and proposals of residents of Novosibirsk and citizens of the Russian Federation. Any citizen has the right to support a monument or against, an installation site or against. All offers will be considered and estimated. Of course, motivated offers will be estimated first of all" — he told, having emphasized that the arts council will make the decision taking into account opinions of residents. © RIA Novosti / Anton Denisov to Pass into an image bank In Novosibirsk to installation prepared a bust Stalinulozhkin reminded that in 2016-2017 the mayor's office ordered sociological poll of opinions of residents of Novosibirsk on a monument to Stalin. It was divided exactly into three parts: a third of citizens was for, a third against, and thirds was all the same. "Personally I will vote against. But not because ardent anti-Stalinist or to that similar. I consider that it is impossible to put today monuments to figures concerning which there is no public consent. In this sense installation of monuments to such figures as Stalin, Ivan the Terrible, even Nicholas II, is premature. When we, society, come that we assess this figure unambiguously positively or unambiguously negatively then there will come this time" — he told. The initiative group of residents of Novosibirsk since summer of 2016 actively tries to obtain installation in the downtown of a monument to Stalin. In September, 2016 the arts council refused installation of a monument in the Square of heroes of revolution. Stalinists consider that the bust is necessary for the city as Stalin is "the greatest state and political figure of the 20th century who made an invaluable contribution to country history". The mayor of Novosibirsk communist Anatoly Lokot agreed with the arts council, having noted that monuments have to unite people. At the end of September, 2017 the arts council of Novosibirsk for the second time did not support installation of a monument to Stalin in two offered places, but in connection with an initiative which including was supported by veterans of the Great Patriotic War, created the working group on search of the place where it could be установл



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