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In Moscow Zoo the cub the alpaca - RIA Novosti, 12.10.2018 was born

MOSCOW, 12 Oct — RIA Novosti. The cub the alpaca was born in Moscow Zoo and already often walks with the mother in the external open-air cage, is reported on the official site of the Mayor of Moscow. © AFP 2018/Jack Guez Scientists underestimated danger to Europe of animals and plants-zakhvatchikovalpaka — the cultivated form of a vicuna, the South American relative of a camel. It is considered that Indians of Peru began to part for the first time the alpaca about six thousand years ago. In the Andes it is done and now — on special farms — for the sake of their warm and light wool. The well-known Golden Fleece is and there is a hair of vicunas. Because of it the look was almost exterminated during colonization of South America. Now hunting for these animals is officially forbidden. "Visitors of Moscow Zoo can see a little cub the alpaca. This is a female, and she was born quite recently, on August 26, but already walks on the open-air cage together with adult relatives. After the birth the baby weighing about a kilogram was examined by workers of a zoo, they were convinced that the alpaca is completely healthy. Now she already weighs almost six times more" — it is said in the statement. According to the message, the cub spends time in the external open-air cage together with the mother. Other members of the group treat it with interest and often sniff. The kid actively explores the world: walks on the open-air cage, watches visitors, and at a fright runs for help to mother. Near it the cub, as well as in the wild nature, will keep all first year of life. Up to four months it will eat maternal milk, and then will gradually pass to a forage which is eaten by adult individuals: hay, willow branches and a grass, it is said in the statement of AFP 2018/Stan Honda Biologists opened unusual communication between bees and solar zatmeniyamiotmechatsya that stable population of a look is kept in zoos of the whole world. The Moscow zoo takes part in the European program for preservation of vicunas. In the Center of reproduction of rare species of animals near Volokolamsk repeatedly it was possible to receive healthy posterity. "It is possible to see a cub together with group of adults the alpaca in the old territory near the Rock of Birds of Prey pavilion. And to look at a vicuna "Bezgorby camels of South America" where they also contain a lama, гуанако and capybaras invite to the open-air cage" — it is added in the message.



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