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In Moscow area will keep privileges for citizens of pre-retirement age - RIA Novosti, 9/4/2018

KRASNOGORSK (Moscow region), 4 Sep — RIA Novosti. The authorities of the Moscow region will keep for persons of pre-retirement age of a privilege who act for pensioners now, the governor Moscow has told areas Andriy Vorobyov in the course a meeting of the regional government. "Today together with deputies of United Russia I want to make amendments to Moscow regional Duma to untie all regional privileges from a retirement age, to tie them, as well as Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, recommended for age of 55 and 60 years" — Vorobyov has told. In turn the head of the ministry of social development Irina Fayevskaya has noted that in connection with introduction of amendments to the pension legislation privileges not in connection with retirement, and on reaching the corresponding age will be presented to citizens of pre-retirement age. According to her, regional measures of social support will work from 2019 to 2023. For prepensioners they will consist in monthly compensation of 100% of payment of premises and a contribution to overhaul in case their income below the poverty line. Besides, Fayevskaya has noted, the privilege for free pass has already begun to act on electric trains, suburban transport and the Moscow subway now. Also citizens of pre-retirement age will receive the preferential taxation. Expenses on granting measures of social support in 2019 will make about 618 million rubles of the regional budget. Besides persons of pre-retirement age in 2019 in Moscow area side benefits will be received by honourable donors, veterans of work and military service. The Russian President Vladimir Putin has made on August 29 the half-hour address to Russians during which he has said that a main goal of pension changes — stability and stability of pension system. According to him, it is impossible to postpone changes more, it is irresponsible, and manifestation of indecision in the matter can threaten stability of society and safety of the Russian Federation. The president has emphasized that he the decision on pensions difficult, but necessary, has urged Russians to treat with understanding the forthcoming innovations. At the same time Putin has proposed a number of measures which will allow to soften as much as possible made decisions. In particular, according to him, the retirement age for women in the Russian Federation has to be 60 years instead of governmental 63, for men — 65. Among other offers — mothers having many children have to acquire the right of early retirement, conditions of purpose of pensions for indigenous ethnic groups of the North have to be kept, the dole for persons of pre-retirement age is raised, and before pension it is necessary to impose administrative and even criminal liability for dismissal. Offers on change of pension system will be issued as the amendment to the bill in the nearest future and submitted for consideration in the State Duma, Putin has noted. Now the standard retirement age in Russia is 60 and 55 years at men and women respectively, the retirement age stated in the law was established still in 19



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