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In Moscow area the forum "Army-2018" will open for all visitors - RIA Novosti, 8/22/2018

The CUBAN (Moscow region), 22 Aug — RIA Novosti. The international military and technical forum "Army-2018" opens for all visitors on Friday: guests will be able to see the newest samples of the Russian arms and the captured equipment of the Syrian terrorists, the press center of a forum.© of RIA Novosti RIA Novosti Mamontov reports to Pass into an image bank Rogozin didn't begin to talk to the robot at a forum "Army-2018" "C 24 till August 26 inhabitants and guests of the capital will be able to visit the international military and technical forum "Army-2018". The congress and exhibition center "Patriot" and also airfield the Cuban, the Alabino ground and the lake Komsomol became traditionally main platform of a forum" — it is said in the statement. As organizers have specified, the Army of Russia — Tomorrow exhibition is of the greatest interest. Here visitors will be able to see the newest and perspective samples of arms and military equipment: the Armata tank, the T-15 armored car with the new fighting module, a self-propelled artillery cannon of "Koalition-SV", the Boomerang armored personnel carrier, the Resident of Kurgan infantry fighting vehicle, the Tor-M2DT fighting vehicle, the surface-to-air missile Pantsir-C1 rocket and gun system, army snowmobiles. "Guests of a forum will see more than one thousand exhibits at a special exhibition of the captured equipment captured at terrorists in Syria" — have told in the press center. According to them, at a forum will show power of the Russian arms, the military and special equipment in a format of the show "Polite People". © RIA Novosti / Alexey Kudenko to Pass the Bulldozer, an exoskeleton and the Russian aircraft carrier into an image bank. The first day of a forum "Army-2018" "this year before stands of the audience will be developed the real military operation — combat firing from all types of arms, action of landing and assault groups, overcoming obstacles by the wheel and caterpillar equipment. Meanwhile in the sky over the Cuban aerobatics will be shown by the aviation groups "Martins", "Russian Heroes", "Golden eagles" and also flight group from China of "The First of August" — it is specified in the message. Shooting galleries among which there is a pneumatic shooting gallery, a shooting gallery for firing from small-caliber weapon and also shooting galleries "Anti-terror", "Legendary Kalashnikov", "Victory weapon" and "Sniper" will be open. Persons interested will be able to get acquainted with samples of small arms, to be trained and also to try the hand in practical firing. The international military and technical forum "Army-2018" there passes from August 21 to August 26 in the congress and exhibition center Patriot, in airfield a Cuban, the Alabino ground and the lake Komsomol. Besides Moscow area since Friday open dynamic displays of a forum "Army-2018" will take place in military districts and on the Northern Fleet. The program of a forum has provided days of mass visit from August 24 to August 26.



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