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In London the exhibition "Russia opens: the royal family and Romanov" - RIA Novosti, 11/9/2018

LONDON, 9 Nov — RIA Novosti, Maria Tabak. The first exhibition devoted to relations between the British monarchy and the Russian imperial house — "Russia: the royal family and Romanov", will open on Friday in gallery of Buckingham Palace Queen’s Gallery. Opening of an exhibition at which about three hundred exhibits are presented is dated for the 300 anniversary of a visit of Peter I to Great Britain. "Britain and Russia are connected by close cultural and diplomatic ties, and monarchs of two countries were also close relatives. Mutual influence of the countries was huge: it was shown in fashion, ceramics, works of art. Personal belongings of members of imperial and royal families, their letters to each other, the state gifts — portraits, pictures, arts and crafts objects, historical documents, photos, icons are presented at our exhibition" — the curator of an exhibition Caroline de Guito.© Foto has told RIA Novosti: Public Domain the Exhibition in the London museum will mark century of execution Romanovykhbolshoy Peter I's portrait "meeting" visitors in the first hall has been made sir Godfrey Neller during the emperor's visit to London and presented by Peter to his British vis-a-vis Wilhelm III. Nearby it is possible to see an enormous porcelain vase — Nicholas I's gift to the Queen Victoria. In the same hall the portrait of the princess Charlotte dressed in the "Russian" pinafore allowing to hide pregnancy hangs. It is worth turning only slightly the head — and right there it is possible to see the dress which was carefully stored by relatives of the princess who has died in 21 years while giving birth. "How impossible it seemed that gentle little Aliki will become the great Russian empress!" — the Queen Victoria about the granddaughter, the last Russian queen has told once Alexander Fiodorovna. These words are taken out by curators of an exhibition as the epigraph to the story about dynastic communications.© of Ruptly the Princess Romanov with the son have passed on Crimean the mostuustanovleniye of the first family relations belongs to the 1860th years when two daughters of the king of Denmark Christian IX, having married, "have made related" Great Britain and Russia. The first dynastic marriage has been concluded in 1874 when the second son of the Queen Victoria prince Alfred married the daughter of the tsar Alexander II, the great princess Maria Aleksandrovna. In 1894 relationship became even deeper: spouses Nicholas II and the princess Alice (Alix) Hesse-Darmstadt had to future British king George V the cousin brother and the sister. In the hall devoted to important events from life of both families it is possible to see the sculptural image of Maria Aleksandrovna ordered by her husband, the French letter of the grand duchess Elizabeth Fiodorovna to "dear grandmother" to the Queen Victoria about the forthcoming wedding of her sister and Nicholas II, the ordered Queen Victoria adoring the granddaughter Alix, the picture Lauritsa Tuksena which has imprinted Alix and Nicholas II's wedding. Also Nicholas II's letter is exposed to the king Edward VII in English in which the Russian tsar condoles with "dear uncle Bertie" in connection with death of the Queen Victoria and expresses hopes



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