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In Kosovo city's mayors have supported the idea about differentiation of edge - RIA Novosti, 8/15/2018

BELGRADE, 15 Aug – RIA Novosti. Heads of municipalities with the Serbian majority in the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo in the open letter have supported the idea of the president of Serbia Alexander Vucic about differentiation between Serbians and Albanians in edge.© RIA Novosti / Alexander Kudryavtsev In Kosovo have allowed correction of borders in case of the contract with Serbiyeyprezident Vucic last week for the first time has publicly and accurately supported differentiation between Serbians and Albanians in Kosovo and Metokhiya. This idea was rigidly opposed by representatives of the Serbian orthodox church and a part of opposition. The Kosovan-Albanian leader Hashim Thaçi has said that he won't allow the partition of the region, but is ready to offer "correction of borders" and to attach the regions of the South of the central Serbia inhabited by Albanians to Pristina. "This letter we want to tell you that we know what burden you carry, and quite often from an impossible situation you try to take as much as possible therefore we assure you that any decision to which you will come and which will mean more rights for Serbians is more than safety for citizens and preservation of our shrines and also the best economic situation for our people, all of us will support, whether it be differentiation, adjustment or something else" — provides the text of the letter to Vucic of heads of local government Radio and television of Kosovo. The first Deputy Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister of Serbia Ivica Dacic has said last Friday that "the option of differentiation of the territory between Serbians and Albanians in Kosovo isn't defined yet" and about him still it is necessary to talk. The subject of a possibility of exchange between Belgrade and Pristina of the municipalities which are compactly inhabited by Kosovo Serbians Leposavich, Zubin-Potok, Zvechan and Northern Kosovska-Mitrovica in the north from the Ibar River on the municipalities inhabited by Albanians Preshevo, Buyanovats and Medvedzha in the extreme South of Serbia periodically emerges in society and media.© of AP Photo/Visar Kryeziu were found by Kosovo on a stone. Serbians don't want the ustupatkosovsko-Albanian structures in Pristina in February, 2008 unilaterally any more have declared independence of Serbia. The self-proclaimed republic isn't recognized by Serbia, Russia, China, Israel, Iran, Spain, Greece and some other the states. The authorities of Serbia under pressure of Brussels and for rapprochement of the region with the European Union and also for the sake of simplification of life in the region to the Serbian citizens in 2011 have been forced to begin negotiations on normalization of the relations with Kosovo Albanians with mediation of the EU. The largest reached agreements are the "Bruxelles" agreement on the principles of normalization of the relations of Belgrade and Pristina signed in April, 2013 and the agreement on Community of the Serbian communities signed by the parties in August, 2015. The last term given by Brussels for implementation of these agreements — — hasn't been observed on August 4 by Pristina that has led to growth of tension in Kosovo.



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