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In Khabarovsk Krai the collector of berries has beaten off the Himalaya bear - RIA Novosti, 9/5/2018

KHABAROVSK, 5 Sep — RIA Novosti. The bear has attacked the collector of berries from the settlement of Kruglikovo in Khabarovsk Krai — the man is alive, the bear is looked for by game managers, the head of department of preservation of objects of fauna of committee of hunting economy of the Ministry of Natural Resources of edge Yury Kolpak has reported to RIA Novosti on Wednesday. "According to the victim, he picked berries in a taiga and he was attacked by the Himalaya bear. The man has wounded a bear a knife, and that has escaped. We check this information, our inspectors and game managers are directed. The victim has described the place in words, experts haven't found traces of any fight or blood there. The wounded bear was found. We hold a situation on control" — Kolpak has told. According to him, doctors have confirmed that wounds on a body of the victim correspond to wounds which the bear can leave. Now the man is already discharged from hospital. The interlocutor has specified that incident happened last week. "About bears who would leave to villages in that area threatened people, information didn't arrive. But we have permission to shooting of a predator. If suddenly it is required to make it, we are ready" — he has told. According to the ministry, since the beginning of this year in the region there were more than 80 conflict situations to participation of wild animals, from them 27 — to the Amur tigers, 25 — to brown bears, 23 — with Himalaya. Attack on the person happened only once — to participation of the Himalaya bear. In most cases large predators appeared near settlements and attacks of tigers on dogs have been registered. Earlier it was reported that cases of an exit of bears to settlements in Khabarovsk Krai occur annually. In 2017 in the region more than 45 such incidents have been registered, more than 20 bears have shot. So, in August, 2017 on the suburb of Nikolaevsk - on - Cupid the bear who has selected a bowl at a watchdog has been shot and I ate porridge. In 2016 the she-bear has come to the village of Kazakevichevo on border with China and has become tipsy, having gorged on the begun to ferment pears on a kitchen garden of the local resident. She-bear was brought to the wood. In 2015 police officers have shot a bear who has got into shopping center in Khabarovsk, and has gone later to the inhabited massif. Experts connect a mass exit of bears to people with a lack of a food supply of the woods and also big number of clumsy.



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