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In Karelia have begun preservation of the escaped designs of Church of the Assumption - RIA Novosti, 9/3/2018

PETROZAVODSK, 3 Sep – RIA Novosti. The Moscow experts have begun preservation of the escaped designs of the Church of the Assumption which has burned down in Karelia on August 10 the head of the republic Artur of Parfenchikov© RIA Novosti / Ilya Timin Pereyti in an image bank On restoration of Church of the Assumption in Karelia has reported on the official page in social networks have collected about 2,5 million rubles "last week have begun conservation actions on the place of the burned-down Church of the Assumption in Kondopoga. The Moscow specialists of Spetsproyektrestavration do marking, measurements, carry out sorting of designs. During week-end specialists of Protection department of objects of cultural heritage of the Republic of Karelia, ARTs "Zaonezhye" and volunteers of "Common cause" from Moscow and St. Petersburg have joined them" — Parfenchikov has reported. According to him, by Monday blockages on felling perimeter are already sorted, the escaped elements of designs of church are temporarily stored in the adjacent territory. It is noted that all works are conducted on the voluntary beginnings, with the permission of republican protection department of objects of cultural heritage.© RIA Novosti / Ilya Timin Pereyti in an image bank the Governor of Karelia has suggested officials to offer on restoration the tserkviupravleniye of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Karelia has reported that on August 10 the building of Church of the Assumption has completely burned down. At suppression one of firefighters has suffered. The arson is called the preliminary reason of ignition. Criminal cases about destruction of an object of cultural heritage are brought. The 15-year-old teenager from Petrozavodsk which, according to the investigation, stayed with the grandmother near church in Kondopoga is detained and I have arranged an arson. Since August 24 collecting donations on restoration of the temple has begun. To the 28th about 2,5 million rubles are collected. Investigative actions concerning the suspect continue. The church of the Assumption of the Mother of God was located in the territory of the former village which has laid the foundation for the city of Kondopoga on the small cape pressing in Chupa-gubu of Lake Onega. The building of church has been built in 1774 in the twilight of northern wooden architecture in memory of the died peasants during the Kizhsky revolt of 1769-1771. It was the monument of national wooden architecture of the end of the XVIII century which is historically finishing evolution of tent temples of prionezhsky school. It was one of the highest wooden churches in the Russian North.



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