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In Japan one person has died and five have suffered because of the typhoon "Dzhebi" - RIA Novosti, 9/4/2018

TOKYO, 4 Sep – RIA Novosti. At least, one person has died during the most powerful for the last 25 years in Japan of the typhoon "Dzhebi" in the western part of the country, five more were traumatized, Kiodo reports. Strong wind with rushes with a speed over 200 kilometers per hour has destroyed a warehouse in the city of Higasiomi in the prefecture of the Whitefish. In a warehouse there were three persons, one of whom has died. According to the agency, several people were traumatized at the station in Kyoto at the collapse of glass panels from a ceiling. As it was reported earlier, the international airport Kansai in Osaka is flooded. According to video broadcast of NHK TV channel, under water there were a runway and the parking of the airport and also the underground floor of the terminal. Wind speed around air pier reaches 209 kilometers per hour. The strongest typhoon "Dzhebi" since 1993 has come to Japan. He moves with a speed of 60 kilometers with wind gusts to 216 kilometers per hour. #Japan #TyphoonJebi #storm #typhoon #Jebi the bridge which connects the bulk island of the Kansai airport to the land has run the tanker which stood on an anchor and has been washed away. As has reported Kiodo, a strong wind gust has blown off the truck which moved on the bridge between the island of Shikoku and the main island of Japan of Honshu, however he hasn't fallen in the sea, and here it was without victims. Because of the typhoon "Dzhebi" in the west of Japan more than 700 flights are cancelled and train service is stopped, in Osaka parks, including Universal Studios Japan are closed. The Toyota carmaker has cancelled night shifts at 14 whole country plants, including in the Prefectures of Aiti, Fukuoka and Miyagi. In Osaka and Kyoto department stores are closed. Because of the typhoon "Dzhebi" more than 300 thousand residents of Japan have received the recommendation to be evacuated, 632 flights through the whole country are cancelled. #Japan #TyphoonJebi #storm #typhoon #Jebi that a present typhoon the strongest in Japan since 1993. According to the Head meteorological department of Japan, he moves with a speed of 60 kilometers per hour the northeast with wind gusts to 216 kilometers per hour and atmospheric pressure in the center of a typhoon of 955 hectopascals or 716 millimeters of mercury column. The western Japan already not for the first time suffers in recent months from bad weather this summer. As a result of typhoons in July about 220 people have died from landslides and floods.



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