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In Italy from the Diciotti ship have gone ashore nearly 140 migrants - RIA Novosti, 8/26/2018

ROME, 26 Aug – RIA Novosti, Sergey Startsev. Nearly 140 migrants who have carried out ten days onboard the ship of the Italian coast guard Diciotti last night have gone ashore in the Sicilian port Catania and by buses have been sent to detention center in the city of Messina, has reported state television of Italy on Sunday Rai.© RIA Novosti / Alejandro Martinez Velez Pereyti in an image bank Belgium not of signs of migrants from the Diciottimoryaki Diciotti ship have lifted on August 15 aboard 177 migrants who were in distress in the Maltese territorial waters of the Mediterranean Sea. When Italians have requested permission to bring the saved people to one of ports of this island state from the authorities of Malta, Valletta has refused. After this Diciotti five days I was in a zone of the Italian island of Lampedusa, expecting the decision of Rome, and only on Monday evening I brought refugees from Africa to Sicily. However the Interior Minister of Italy, the Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini hasn't granted permission for their disembarkation to the coast and has demanded that the solution of this problem has been found at the European level with use of practice of distribution of migrants between EU countries. On Wednesday the Italian authorities for humanitarian reasons 27 unaccompanied minor refugees have allowed to put ashore. On Saturday evening the staff of health service of the Sicilian port Catania has removed from Diciotti and has sent to local hospital of 13 Africans for whom emergency medical assistance was required. On Saturday evening Salvini has reported that remained onboard 137 migrants in the next few hours will go ashore. He has specified that Albania and Ireland has agreed to accept them, but the Italian episcopal conference has decided to take charge the most part of refugees. Salvini has also said that the following ship which will bring migrants to coast of Italy will be forced to return back. The prosecutor's office of the Sicilian province of Agrigento has officially notified on Saturday that one of ministers of the government of Italy is under examination. As journalists managed to find out, it is about Salvini. Earlier it was reported that the chief prosecutor of Agrigento Luigi Patronagio has opened investigative case upon restriction of freedoms of persons in defiance of the national constitution and the criminal code. Salvini called such decision "shame". © AFP 2018/Andreas Solaro of Premieres of Italy has threatened the EU with consequences for refusal to accept мигрантовВ Friday in Brussels at the initiative of European Commission the informal meeting of the European sherpas on a problem of migration in which representatives of 12 EU countries, including Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy and France have participated has taken place. However this meeting at which the situation around Diciotti was discussed has ended without results. The prime minister of Italy in this regard has subjected to serious criticism inability of EU countries to make new decisions in the field of migration policy and has accused the European partners that their words disperse from affairs. On Saturday evening he has published a post in Facebook in which I called an event "defeat of Europe". In



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