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In five regions of the Southern Military District large-scale exercise of the back - RIA Novosti, started 9/3/2018

ROSTOV-ON-DON, 3 Sep — RIA Novosti. Large-scale exercise of divisions of the material support (MS) of the Southern Military District started at the same time in the territory of the Volgograd and Astrakhan regions, in Dagestan, North Ossetia and the Crimea, the chief of the press service of the Southern Military District Vadim Astafyev.© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Ankov has told journalists to Pass into an image bank Intelligence agents of the Eastern Military District on doctrines learned tasks from the found hiding places "more than 5 thousand servicemen and civil personnel, about 1,5 thousand units of the military and special equipment are involved In the doctrine" — he has told. During the exercise the back of army of the Southern Military District will fulfill more than one hundred special problems of fighting providing. In the Volgograd region on the general Prudboy ground of division of railway connection and MTO connection will organize a crossing of the mechanized columns of heavy military equipment on the floating bridge and also will establish railway communication through the Volga River for transfer of a railway echelon and an armored train. On the Astrakhan Ashuluk ground divisions of MTO will fulfill transport and combat ensuring rocket connections, including operational and tactical ballistic and cruise missiles. On the Caspian Sea support vessels will deliver fuels and lubricants to the coast to the area of fighting of general divisions and marines. Also in the water area of the Caspian Sea delivery and charging of the fighting ships will be fulfilled by the Calibre cruise missiles. © RIA Novosti / Igor Zarembo Pereyti in an image bank Effect of presence. Russia has begun the largest manoeuvers of the Navy in Mediterranean a moraine the mountain Daryal ground in North Ossetia the MTO connections will fulfill carrying out complex providing motorized rifle parts in the conditions of general fight in mountain conditions. In the Crimea divisions of the back of the Black Sea Fleet will carry out educational and fighting tasks of providing ship group. Special exercises MTO Southern Military District will pass in a uniform plan with bilateral company tactical maneuvers. According to the decision of the top military commander of the Southern Military District of the colonel general Alexander Dvornikov in connections and military units of the district during the period bilateral company tactical maneuvers together with tactical and special doctrines of types of military forces are staged from August 20 to September 15. Within doctrines the full list of tactical actions and maneuvers – in defense, approach, with performance of tasks on various landscapes of the area, in settlements and also in a near sea zone, both in the afternoon, and is fulfilled at night. More than 6 thousand servicemen daily take part in doctrines in the territory of the district and about 2 thousand units of military equipment are involved.



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