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In Europe have urged to protect journalists from Internet giant - RIA Novosti, 9/5/2018

ATHENS, 5 Sep — RIA Novosti. Heads of eighteen European news agencies have signed the appeal to the European Parliament with an appeal to protect work of journalists from Internet giant, such as Amazone, Google and Facebook which free of charge use results of work of journalists. The Union of journalists has urged the DPR to deal with attack on the correspondent "For survival of the press giants of the Internet have to pay. Content created by mass media, and advertizing revenues are monopolized by Google and Facebook. Therefore it is fair to demand GAFA part of profit (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) as it is provided by the European directive under copyright" — it is said in the address which text was published by the AMNA Athenian news agency. The future of the press will be discussed in the European Parliament on September 12. This day European Parliament deputies will vote in Strasbourg according to the draft of the European directive directed to correction of a present situation when giants of the Internet collect the most part of information created by media and news agencies without financial compensation. Using the huge audience, these companies attract the most part of income from advertizing which still allowed the press to survive: Google and Facebook have collected in 2017 80% of global advertizing investments on the Internet. Heads of news agencies ask a question — why platforms have to gain almost all income from the advertizing connected with use of articles for which production they didn't pay? © AFP 2018/Vano Shlamov of the Russian journalist haven't allowed in Gruziyus 2000 advertizing revenues of the press have fallen across the whole Europe, for example, in France for 70%. Result became dismissals of thousands of journalists. 30% less advertizing revenues in Spain. In the United States, "in the homeland of GAFA", the paper press has lost more than a half of income from advertizing in 10 years, 45% of personnel of editions, 39 thousand journalists are reduced, it is told in the address. The draft of the European directive on copyright corrects a situation, creates conditions for fair remuneration of creators, consider the director of news agencies. "They already evade from the taxation in Europe, but whether it is possible to agree that they won't pay producers of content which pay taxes and incur expenses on collection of information? European Parliament deputies are obliged to undertake reform of intellectual property which has begun. Survival of the press, maintaining her independence and protection of democratic values depends on it" — it is said in the address. Among heads of the Swedish TT agency, France-Presse, Athenian agency, the Turkish Anadolu, TANYuG which have signed the appeal and others.



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