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In Chemnitz protesters protest against migration policy of Germany - RIA Novosti, 9/1/2018

CHEMNITZ (Germany), 1 Sep – RIA Novosti. Participants of a Saturday "March of the silence" in the German city of Chemnitz devoted to memory of the citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany Daniel Hilliga killed by the migrant have expressed a protest against migration policy of the authorities of the country. Der Zug stoppt, wir warten auf die weitere Freigabe der Polizei.

of Das Schweigen ist beeindruckend! #chemnitz© AFP 2018/DPA/Andreas Seidel In Chemnitz proceed the seventh day волнения​В night for August 26 in Chemnitz located in the southeast of Germany there was a fight in which the 35-year-old citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany Daniel Hillig has died. On suspicion of murder the 23-year-old citizen of Syria and the 22-year-old citizen of Iraq have been arrested. Since Monday in Chemnitz protest actions with participation of the locals who have united in the movement ProChemnitz to which the right radicals who have acted under the slogan "Germany for Germans" were connected have begun. There were collisions as between representatives of both movements, and right radicals to police. On Saturday "The silence march" has brought together about 3 thousand participants of different age, professions and a floor. Generally it were supporters of the Alternative for Germany right-wing party opposing reception of migrants in the country. Participants of a march intended to pass peacefully across the downtown, avoiding provocations from right. A la marche de l’AfD, de grandes photos d’Allemands victimes d’agressions ou de meurtres commis par des étrangers en Allemagne au cours des dernières années. L'idée est de dire que l'homme tué à #Chemnitz il y an une semaine s'inscrit dans une longue série noire. with disapproval has been met by city authorities and police officials. Law enforcement authorities have blocked to protesters a way to the downtown, and then have blocked parallel streets, from which to participants of a march the right radicals.© of AFP 2018/Dpa/Friso Gentsch In Germany tried to break, unknown hard have beaten the migrant from Eritreivzyatye by police thus in peculiar pincers, participants of "A silence march" of about an hour have staid on one place, and then have moved a wide and long column the alternative route allowed them by representatives of law and order. Many people carried in hands posters with appeals to the government to stop reception of illegal migrants and to improve practice of eviction of those who have been not granted the right on further residence in Germany. On Thursday Chemnitz was visited by the prime minister of Saxony Michael Kretschmer and a number of ministers of his government. The prime minister has tried to calm citizens, has promised them to inform of their requirements the federal government and has asked to refrain from manifestations of extremism.A of la marche de l'AfD, je demande à un participants: "Pourquoi êtes-vous si silencieux?" Réponse: "Vous, journalistes, n’attendez qu’une chose: qu’on hurle comme des nazis. Eh bien, nous sommes civilisés et disciplinés. C’est pas nous qui foutons le désordre." #Chemnitz of a Saturday demonstration of a vnemla to his appeals. Their leaders of posredstvo



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