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In Chelyabinsk have initiated more than 20 administrative cases because of not garbage removal - RIA Novosti, 10/2/2018

CHELYABINSK, 2 Oct – RIA Novosti. More than 20 administrative cases concerning managing organizations and carriers of garbage are excited in Chelyabinsk because of not garbage removal from container platforms, now untidy are 56 platforms (all them in the city 2,7 thousand), has reported the press center of prosecutor's office the region.CC0 / cocoparisienne / Resident of Switzerland will go to prison for incorrectly thrown out garbage, write SMIS on September 11 in Chelyabinsk the garbage dump working since 1989 was closed, now municipal waste from Chelyabinsk will take out on the licensed Poletayevo's grounds, Urefta and Kopeysk. According to the authorities of the area, after closing of a dump of 11 carriers from 16 have unilaterally ceased to take out garbage. In Chelyabinsk emergency mode works. Earlier public prosecutor's check has elicited more than 300 facts of an inadequate condition of container platforms in Chelyabinsk because of long not export of waste. The Chelyabinsk department of FAS has promised to study actions of local carriers regarding conspiracy or abuse of a dominant position. According to prosecutor's office, in prosecutor's office of the region the meeting with participation of the regional authorities and authorities of Chelyabinsk where the current situation on export of municipal solid waste from container platforms of the city.© RIA Novosti / Alexander Kryazhev was discussed has taken place to Pass into an image bank of ONF: Chelyabinsk became the dirtiest million-plus city in the country "According to data, from the moment of introduction in the city of emergency on grounds over 9 thousand tons of waste are taken out. At the same time 56 container platforms remain untidy. 22 proceedings on the administrative offenses provided by articles 8.2 (non-compliance with ecological requirements are initiated against the managing organizations and the organizations transporting household waste at treatment of production wastes …) and 6.3 (violation of the law in the field of ensuring sanitary and epidemiologic wellbeing of the population) by the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences" — it is said in the statement. Now bodies of prosecutor's office continue checks of observance of the sanitary and epidemiologic legislation, it is entrusted to prosecutors to carry out test actions up to real elimination of violations, is specified in the message. On all to the elicited facts of violations all range of measures of public prosecutor's reaction is accepted, the prosecutor's office adds. The prosecutor's office reminds that the criminal case excited on September 27 concerning officials of administration of Chelyabinsk and officials by Gorekocentre Municipal Unitary Enterprise as regards 1 article 293 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (negligence) is on constant personal control at the management of prosecutor's office of area.



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