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In Blagoveshchensk have told because of what the trained cat - RIA Novosti, could die 9/5/2018

BLAGOVESHCHENSK, 5 Sep — RIA Novosti. The police continues to understand a situation with Kotovasiya show theater in Blagoveshchensk where the trained cat has died, is previously established that stray dogs could become a cause of death of an animal, the head of department of information and public relations of Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on the Amur region Inna Карташова.© of Depositphotos/Sonyachny Fleecers has told RIA Novosti distribute video of rough handling over a kotenkominformation about death allegedly of 12 cats of theater has been revealed during monitoring of social networks, the police has begun check, the ACH 24 regional portal reported that teenagers who had had a conflict with the staff of Kotovasiya are suspected of punishment over animals. On Tuesday the member of parental committee of theater Olga Arsentyeva has reported to RIA Novosti that in the morning on September 3 in the open-air cage the cat by nickname has been found dead Day, other 11 cats, according to her, have disappeared, and the door of the open-air cage has been broken. The police has established that information on death of 12 cats was published in social networks by "the employee of the organization who possesses cats". "It is previously established what in the building in which the show theater is located is repaired. Animals for the period of repair are moved to domestic structures. At the same time cats are on free walking, independently come and leave. In this organization don't stand on balance. At the beginning of September her worker has found a corpse of a cat with numerous lacerations which could be caused by animals. Residents of the area in which an incident has occurred, have told about stray dogs who here constantly live", - Карташова.© of RIA Novosti RIA Novosti Seliverstova has reported to Pass into an image bank In Russia began a thicket to register ill treatment cases with a zhivotnymipolition also has interviewed the woman who has published in social networks a post about incident with cats. "She has explained that the upset the fact that for a short time a part of animals was gone, and one pet has died, in social networks has placed the message in this occasion. Now the post from the page in social networks with information on death of cats is removed, check continues" — the interlocutor of the agency has added.



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