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In Barcelona and Zhirona there were collisions between protesters and police - RIA Novosti, 10/2/2018

MADRID, 2 Oct — RIA Novosti. Collisions between law enforcement officers and protesters have happened in the evening on Monday in Barcelona and Zhirona. On the first of October in Catalonia there took place mass protests in connection with the first anniversary of holding an illegal referendum on independence which neither the Spanish authorities, nor the Constitutional court.© RIA Novosti / Javier Luengo Pereyti in an image bank In Barcelona recognized the number of protesters has reached 180 thousand to the person of the building of parliament in the Catalan capital where the procession dated for anniversary of holding an illegal referendum on independence in which 180 thousand people which are holding a meeting later the terminations of an official part have participated has ended threw police with banks, bottles, eggs, took down iron obstacles. They cried out slogans with the requirement of resignation of the head of the zheneralitet Kim Torra and adviser for Mikel Butch's safety. As a result protesters managed to reach directly parliament. Law enforcement officers have been forced to recede to the building. Radicals have hung out on doors posters with the requirement of "construction of the republic". At 22:15 (23:15 Moscow time) law enforcement agencies on fight against disorders have started cleaning of the square in front of parliament, having applied including rubber bludgeons and airsoft weapon. Approximately in an hour of people before parliament didn't remain, however collisions were thrown on the streets adjacent to the park in the territory of which there is a parliament. Besides, there were collisions and between participants of the action. The intense situation has developed also before the building of representative office of the Spanish police on Layetan Street. Here protesters also threw into law enforcement officers of a bottle and banks. As a result of around 22.00 (23:00 Moscow time) the police has exempted the street from protesters, having exposed police cars and a cordon. Around 23.00 (00:00 Moscow time) radicals have begun to build barricades at the Triumphal arch from metal obstacles and garbage containers.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky Pereyti in an image bank Year after the referendum: Catalonia doesn't know where to move дальшеВ Zhirone protesters have tried to demolish protections before the building of representative office of the Catalan government in this province and to overcome police officers a cordon. 3 thousand people participated in this action, according to the Spanish media. Earlier on Monday radicals from "Committees of protection of the republic" (the movement created last fall after the illegal referendum) blocked routes and roads in autonomous community, streets in Barcelona and Lyeyda, have blocked an entrance to the Exchange in Barcelona, other public buildings, at several o'clock have interrupted high-speed railway communication with France, have removed a flag of Spain from the building of representation of the zheneralitet in Zhirona, having hung out instead of him Estelada (an informal flag of Catalan lands). The head of the zheneralitet Kim Torra, acting in connection with anniversary, I have supported "committees", having urged them "to press further". The head of the Spanish Foreign Ministry Zhozep Barrel has in reply called



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