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In Amsterdam the man has attacked passersby with a knife because of "insult of the prophet" - RIA Novosti, 9/3/2018

MOSCOW, 3 Sep — RIA Novosti. The man who has attacked with a knife passersby at the station in the center of Amsterdam on Friday has said that "insult of the prophet Muhammad" and Islam in the Netherlands became his motive, the Netherlands prosecutor's office on the website of the department has stated. © AP Photo/Marko Drobnjakovic "Islam — not a Part of Germany". Who in Europe is dissatisfied with migrants" Proceeding from statements which were made by the defendant, is clear that the man had terrorist motives for what he also has arrived to the Netherlands. He trusts, according to his statements that in the Netherlands constantly there is an insult of the prophet Muhammad … and Islam" — it is said in the statement of prosecutor's office. As it omtechatsya, the man, among other things, has mentioned the far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders who announced the organization of a competition of drawings of the prophet Mahomed several months ago. The Netherlands media note that if the motive of the criminal is confirmed — it will become the first attack of the radical Islamist in the country in 14 years. The unknown has wounded two people a knife at the building of the central station in Amsterdam on Friday then has been neutralized by police. Injured in attack were two citizens of the USA, their wounds were estimated as heavy. © AFP 2018/Jack Guez "We Are Not Understood". Jews and Muslims have risen against the European the tsennosteyniderlandsky authorities have reported that an attacker is the 19-year-old native of Afghanistan which had permission to full-time residence in Germany. He has arrived to Amsterdam on Friday morning by train, shortly then has committed an assault. The prosecutor's office considers that he acted alone and proceeded from "terrorist motives". On Monday the Amsterdam court has prolonged arrest of the attacked man for 14 days, at the same time term can be increased up to 90 days by a court decision. Because of weight of charges increased security measures work, the man can see only the lawyer. The police of Germany has stated that attacked I wasn't registered in the police database as the extremist and earlier didn't attract interest of law enforcement agencies. In June Wilders has said that he organizes a competition of drawings of the prophet Muhammad which winners he will declare in November at office of party in the Hague. The initiative has sparked criticism and condemnation of a number of figures. Last week in the Netherlands the man because of threats of murder to the politician then Wilders has cancelled a competition has been detained, having explained that he doesn't want to endanger life of people.



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