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In all heavy: as the resident of Omsk on the nickname GTA-5 has committed per day 12 crimes - RIA Novosti, 8/26/2018

MOSCOW, 26 Aug — RIA Novosti, Victor Zvantsev. I have shot two people, I have hijacked the car, I have robbed the teenager, I have bought drugs and I have raped several women — exactly three years ago, on August 26, 2015, the resident of Omsk Ermek Abdrakhmanov has managed per day to commit more than ten crimes. A half — especially heavy. The list of the victims could be longer if field investigators didn't manage to neutralize the bandit in time. Journalists have nicknamed him GTA-5. That morning for the jobless 37-year-old resident of Omsk Ermek Abdrakhmanov, several days noting recent release from colony, has traditionally begun with couple of bottles of beer. The company to him was kept by four acquaintances. Closer to a lunch one of them has gone to sleep, two left to smoke on a balcony, and fairly become tipsy Ermek with one more friend remained in kitchen. At some point that began to show Abdrkhmanova to a claim that that "plays about" drugs, doesn't work anywhere, has no family and in general lives incorrectly. The recidivist on has endured reproaches, has grabbed the gun lying near at hand acquired the day before and has shot the opponent on the place. Then he an accurate shot in the head has dealt shortly with the sleeping drinking companion. While GTA-5 recharged a trunk, to the room on noise other participants of a feast have come running. They have twisted the shooter, having thrown out weapon for a window. Here only couldn't hold — the raged criminal has escaped from hands and has rushed behind a gun, however, down hasn't managed to find him. However, it hasn't stopped him. The 15-year-old school student passing by has fallen his following victim. Having several times hit the guy on a face, the bandit has taken away from him the mobile phone and has moved towards the market. I have on the way paid attention on parked at a roadside of "Chevrolet" with the woman on a passenger seat. Ermek has thrown out her from salon, has taken the wheel and has gone to the cousin (to other end of the city), but hasn't managed to drive and crashed into a fence. I have already reached the purpose by the taxi. Here Abdrakhmanova waited the next failure — the relative hasn't appeared houses, the door was opened by his wife. The criminal has told her about perfect "feats" and has asked to sit out temporarily in the apartment. The girl has tried to banish the uninvited guest, having caused in him a rage attack. Ermek has cruelly beaten her and has raped then he has stolen all jewelry and money from the apartment. After a while GTA-5 has got from familiar dealers several grams of synthetic drugs — so-called salts. After their use the extremist has finally lost control over himself and began to break the houses located in the inhabited private sector on the suburb of the city. In one of houses it was for some reason started up. Abdrakhmanov hasn't estimated hospitality — threatening with a knife, has connected the host, has outraged upon his wife and has disappeared. He has paid the next visit to the acquaintances living nearby. However, I began to kill, plunder or rape nobody. From the moment of commission of the first crime have passed almost days, and all Omsk police has been already mobilized. Soon one of mobile groups has obtained information that Ermek can be in the house the



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