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In the stock "Immortal Regiment" more than 70 thousand people - RIA Novosti, participated 5/9/2017 in Chisinau

Situation in Chisinau. Archival photo
CHISINAU, on May 9 — RIA Novosti. More than 70 thousand people have taken part in the stock "Immortal Regiment" in Chisinau, this year in a column there have passed much more people, than in the past, organizers of the event have told on Tuesday to RIA Novosti. Since the morning in all settlements of Moldova the memorable actions devoted to 72 anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War take place. The most large-scale actions have taken place in the capital of the republic. Celebration has begun on May 9 with an official part — the speaker of parliament of Moldova Andrian Kandu has laid flowers at the Eternal flame and graves fallen in the Great Patriotic War. Actions have continued a large-scale action "An immortal regiment". Tens of thousands of people a uniform column have passed on the central streets of Chisinau to the memorial Eternity complex, holding portraits of the relatives battling for release of the Homeland from fascist aggressors in hand. In hands a number of protesters had St.George's Ribbons and red flags on which it is written "For the world!" © Flickr/Tony Bowdenspiker of parliament and premieres of Moldova have congratulated citizens on Day of Pobedyuchastniki of a march "An immortal regiment" have laid flowers at the Eternal flame. They have observed a minute of silence in memory of the heroes who have fallen in the Great Patriotic War and have released into the sky of pigeons as a symbol of a peaceful sky over the head. During the day to the memorial Eternity complex people with armfuls of flowers come. The memorial complex and memorable plates roll in bouquets. "About 70 thousand people have taken part in the stock "Immortal Regiment" in Chisinau" — the president's press secretary Ion Cheban has told RIA Novosti. The march is organized by national committee "Pobeda" under patronage of the president of Moldova Igor Dodon and with the assistance of Party of socialists. "Tens of thousands of citizens have taken part in the stock "Immortal Regiment". There were many people. This year people there were much more people, than last year. It means that citizens have an interest in this action" — the deputy of parliament of Moldova from Party of socialists Vlad of Batryncha.© of RIA Novosti has told. Vitaly Ankovpereyti in фотобанкОт Vladivostok to Lisbon: the stock "Immortal Regiment" in мире© RIA Novostipereyti in фотобанкДень Victories in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 the godovparlament of Moldova at the end of April has made amendments to the Labour code according to which on May 9 in the republic will celebrate not only the Victory Day, but also Day of Europe. This initiative has caused a controversy among deputies. Opposition forces, discordant with the draft document — socialists and communists — have in protest left the conference hall. However the parliament had enough voices for the adoption of amendments to two readings at once. Dodon has declared later that he doesn't intend to approve this project, having emphasized that "in Moldova on May 9 celebrated and will celebrate the Victory Day". "People began to be interested in "An immortal regiment" more. In Moldova there are attempts to rewrite history – the parliament has made the decision to call on May 9 and Day of Europe. As we see, reaction of people is directly opposite", – has told Batryncha. According to him, "despite attempts to impose празд



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