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In Estonia a large-scale exercise of NATO "Spring storm-2017" - RIA Novosti, has begun 5/8/2017

Joint exercises of NATO troops in Europe. Archival photo
TALLINN, on May 8 — RIA Novosti, Nikolay Adashkevich. Large-scale international NATO exercises "A spring storm-2017" in which nearly 9 thousand servicemen will take part on Monday begin in Estonia, has reported General staff Sil of defense республики.© to RIA Novosti. Vitaly Belousovpereyti in an image bank "NATO officials have taken offense": Lavrov has told about freezing of dialogue by alliance "About 2,3 thousand foreign servicemen from 13 countries will take part in a large-scale exercise of NATO of Kevadtorm-2017 ("A spring storm-2017") together with the Estonian military. In total nearly 9 thousand soldiers will be involved in doctrines which will pass from May 8 to May 26" — it is said in the message. Maneuvers will take place in northeast Estonia near border with Russia. More than 800 servicemen of Great Britain who are a part of the international battalion of NATO deployed in Estonia, and also to 300 French soldiers from structure of this battalion will take part in doctrines. Germany will send about 400 servicemen to doctrines. Divisions of the size of a company will represent the USA, Latvia and Lithuania. Military personnel from the Netherlands, Poland, Canada, Finland, Ukraine will also take part in doctrines, Spain and Gruzii.© of Flickr/U.S. Department of DefenseНАТО has counted how many they of time of the Air Force "were alarmed" because of Rossiiv doctrines the American M1A2 Abrams tanks, the British Challenger 2 and the French Leclerc, and also infantry fighting vehicles of allies and the Estonian Forces of defense will be involved: CV9035, Warrior, Bradley, VBCI, Marder. Last year in "A spring storm" more than 1,5 thousand foreign servicemen participated.



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