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In China inflation in April has made 1,2 percent - RIA Novosti, 5/10/2017

Chinese yuan
BEIJING, on May 10 — RIA Novosti, Zhanna Manukyan. The consumer price index (CPI) in China in April has grown by 1,2% against 0,9% in March, having been insignificant above expectations of experts, and the price index of producers (PPI) was slowed down to 6,4%, data of the state statistical bureau Kitaya.© AP Photo/Ng Han GUANOESR demonstrate expects delay of growth of economy of China in 2017-2018 of a godakhob of an indicator haven't coincided with expectations of experts who assumed that inflation in March will grow by 1,1% from 0,9% in March, and growth rates of the prices of producers will be slowed down to 6,7% from 7,6%. By data статбюро, in April inflation in the cities has in annual terms made 1,3%, in rural areas — 0,8%. The prices of food products for the reporting period have dropped by 3,5%, on nonfoods have grown by 2,3%, the prices of consumer goods have grown by 0,2%, and on services have grown — by 2,9%. It is noted that growth of inflation in April is connected with increase in prices for nonfood products. During days off on the occasion of a holiday Qingming the prices of air tickets, hotels, and also services of travel agencies have grown by 6,4%, 3,3% and 1,7% respectively in comparison with March. In 2016 inflation in China has made 2%, without having coincided with the official forecast in 3%. This year the authorities also predict inflation at the level of 3%. In turn the price index of producers in China in 2016 has decreased by 1,4%.



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