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"Immortal regiment" in Bryansk: from the past in the future - RIA Novosti, 5/9/2017

View of Partizan Square in Bryansk. Archival photo
BRYANSK, on May 9 – RIA Novosti. Bryansk, for many years by right carrying a rank of "the city of guerrilla glory", and with 2010 received an official rank of "the city of military glory", has noted on May 9 a traditional parade of generations and a procession of "An immortal regiment" under a ringing of bells. On observations of inhabitants, despite cold "non-flying" weather, not less citizens, than in last years have participated in celebrations at all. Participants of the Bryansk "Immortal regiment" have heard the message of ancestors left to them in the capsule on the Mound of Immortality 50 years ago. This year, besides ordinary participants of a ceremonial procession – military calculations, labor collectives, educational institutions, parties and public organizations, in the general system there have passed yunarmeyets. On this gala day they have taken the oath at Partizan Square. One more innovation of a parade – participation of "female battalion", together with gallant military the women serving in УФСИН.© RIA Novosti have participated in a parade. Sergey Pivovarovpereyti in фотобанкВ Russia on the Victory Day the action "An immortal regiment" In the general column together with the parents will take place there were many children – with spheres, flags and portraits of the grandfathers and great-grandfathers. "My grandfather was a military pilot, is awarded the order the Red Star" — the participant of a parade ten-year-old Gleb tells. Participants of war becomes less every year. They cover the ceremonial distance on "UAZ". The live column of school students welcomes them a chant. "on May 9 for me will remain forever a sacred holiday. We to him went with fights by sufferings in 1418 days. This day I want to tell kind words to our homeland and our younger generation" — the permanent participant of the Bryansk parades, the colonel Boris Vasilyevich Shaposhnikov who has given to service of 40 years tells. "Have called me in 1942, it was transferred to the reserve in 1984. I have passed a fighting way from Stalingrad to East Prussia. I was involved in fights as a part of troops of the Stalingrad front, the first Baltic, the third Belarusian" — he tells about the fighting way. War has defined its further жизнь.© RIA Novosti. Dmitry Debabovpereyti in фотобанкОколо 20 thousand residents of Astana have passed in columns of "An immortal regiment" "They say, there is such profession — to protect the homeland, I in days of the Great Patriotic War on release of the country have shed a lot of blood, saw sufferings of the people, all this was embodied in me – it is necessary to be devoted to the homeland and to protect her before the latest breath. That I also did in the years of war: I have finished courses, I ordered a platoon, I ordered a company, after war I have graduated from military academy, and further the service proceeded very long" — the colonel says. At the Eternal flame at Partizan Square the traditional meeting and a flower-laying has taken place. The citizens who because of bad weather haven't seen the promised flights of AH-2, nevertheless, not too were upset and continued a holiday at tents with traditional field кухней.© RIA Novosti. Vitaly Ankovpereyti in фотобанкОт Vladivostok to Lisbon: the stock "Immortal Regiment" in a mireshestviye "An immortal regiment



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