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"If only to hold "chair": in Ukraine have criticized Poroshenko's message - RIA Novosti, 9/21/2018

MOSCOW, 21 Sep — RIA Novosti. Various Ukrainian public and political figures and also users of social networks have flayed Petro Poroshenko's speech during his annual message in the Verkhovna Rada. Their greatest attention was drawn by the main points of the speech of the president of Ukraine — achievement in the country for the last four years, a situation with autocephaly and the relations with Russia.© of AFP 2018/Andrej Isakovic Petro Poroshenko has said that Kiev was changed" by Moskvunardep from Batkivshchyna party Igor Lutsenko in the Facebook was surprised that all achievements of Ukraine about which he spoke to Poroshenko have happened literally for the last month. "It is remarkable that everything, than is proud from Poroshenko's tribune, now — exarchs, "Glory to Ukraine", the decision on not extension of the contract with Russia, etc. — has occurred literally in the last month" — he has written. The Ukrainian TV host Diana Panchenko has expressed bewilderment by Poroshenko's phrase "For the last four years we have made more positive changes, than for the previous 23rd years of independence". The CC BY 4.0 / Presidential Administration of Ukraine / "Even paint has peeled off": Poroshenko have derided for the presentation of "new" weapon "Dollar on eight, lifting tariffs, adequate salaries and, the main thing, the world — all this was insufferably bad. He trusts in this nonsense utter?" — Panchenko is surprised. Some were angered by the statement of the Ukrainian president about a gap with the Moscow patriarchy. "Poroshenko has said that "we will definitely not worship foreign gods" whether correctly I have understood that the president called Christ foreign to him God?" — the user Elena Skidan is perplexed. The people's deputy Alexander Onishchenko has assumed that Poroshenko has decided to become "the Ukrainian Father". "In whom Poroshenko believes? And to whom he prays? The events which are developed around Orthodox Church demonstrate that Poroshenko will be ready to do anything if only to hold "chair". He isn't interested in the future of Ukraine, the Ukrainian people, all the same to what god to pray to him if only "to toady" and keep "capitals". Someone else trusts promises of this Ukrainian Father?" — Onishchenko.© writes AFP 2018/Sergei Supinsky "Has Not Flowed?": the Network has answered "waving Russia the handle" to Poroshenkona there were unnoticed also statements of the president about Russia. The journalist Vyacheslav Chechilo considers that the anti-Russian rhetoric is forced before elections. "The anti-Russian rhetoric of the present power reads off scale recently. There is a feeling that the country leaders consciously chop off all opportunities for normalization of the relations with the Russian Federation — hurries to pass a non-return point. It is possible to assume, of course, that it is such next nonsense. But, perhaps, it just clever and conscious decision" — he writes. Users have also not missed an opportunity to joke of Poroshenko's performance. Alain Iakhno's blogger I have marked out excellent abilities of the Ukrainian president as the speaker. "Correctly intones, places exact semantic emphases, places strong emotional hooks" — the blogger notes. "If only from all cracks different devils who strong associate didn't climb



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