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"I was quiet and peaceful": in the Urals the 20-year-old guy has killed and has burned the schoolgirl - RIA Novosti, 9/25/2018

MOSCOW, 25 Sep — RIA Novosti, Victor Zvantsev. In Sverdlovsk region investigators understand murder of the 17-year-old girl — have found her burned body on the garden site in the past weekend. The suspect was already detained, have brought charge and for the next two months sent to the pre-trial detention center. RIA Novosti has tried to find out what has served as the reason of rough handling. The crime shocking the small Ural urban-type settlement of Sosva has happened in the night of September 23. "On Saturday evening Irina (the name is changed. — An editor's note) I have come on a visit to the former young man — to 20-year-old Alexey Scherbakov. They met about a month and literally the other day have left — Darya, the girlfriend of died tells RIA Novosti. — Lesh wanted to renew the relations and to return Ira, but she hasn't reciprocated". © Photo: it is provided by relatives of the dead the Tobolsk meat grinder: who will be responsible for cruel murder 24-year-old сибирякаЧто happened in Scherbakov's apartment, it is necessary to establish to the investigation. According to locals, in the course of a showdown between young people the quarrel has broken out. As a result Alexey has strangled the schoolgirl then he has decided to get rid of a body. "According to preliminary data, he has dragged a corpse in a kitchen garden, has poured gasoline and has set fire, and then has run away — the head of the Sosvinsky city district Gennady Makarov has reported to RIA Novosti. — One of locals has paid attention to his strange behavior and has reported in law enforcement agencies. The suspect was detained very quickly". According to other version distributed in social networks there was one more direct witness of crime — the school student by the name of Ruslan who allegedly was in the apartment at the time of the quarrel and saw how Scherbakov has strangled the girl a cord. To Ruslan he has ordered to be silent, having threatened with punishment. However that has all the same contacted police. So it or not, at the moment is unknown. Besides, according to some locals, before murder the girl was raped. The Investigation Department of the Russian Investigative Committee in Sverdlovsk region refuse to comment on circumstances of the tragedy so far flatly. On Monday, September 24, investigators have filed a lawsuit to detain the petition with a request Scherbakov for two months. "Have brought charge under article 105, part one — "Murder". The article "Rape" in the documents which have arrived to us department didn't appear — the consultant of the Serov district court Ksenia Lushnikova has specified RIA Novosti. — Till November 21 the young man will remain in the pre-trial detention center". According to unconfirmed data, he denies participation in the incident, however investigators have already brought together sufficient evidential base for establishment of his fault. About the defendant it is known that he was born in the settlement of Sosva. "I am familiar with Lesha since the childhood — we have grown up in one yard — Victoria Shalbanova, Scherbakov's acquaintance says RIA Novosti. — I knew him only from the good party: he was from successful family, after school has come to polytechnical technical school in Severouralsk. Having got secondary vocational education, I have returned to the settlement., It seems, I was going to arrange



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