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"I drove away a bear cottons". Three weeks in the wood without food, water and weapon - RIA Novosti, 9/2/2018

MOSCOW, 2 Sep — RIA Novosti, Anastasia Gnedinskaya. I ate one berries, I drank water from the swamp, I shared a bilberry glade with a bear — the teacher of work from Murmansk region will remember unsuccessful fishing for a long time. He was lost and twenty four days strayed on the Vologda swamps without food, warm clothes, a tent, matches. When Sergey Golubyatnikov has appeared on a threshold of the house, his legs have been covered with wounds, he has lost weight by twenty kilograms. Rescuers warn: during a mushroom season in the woods more than hundred people are daily lost. RIA Novosti has talked to those who could get out of a scrape later long time.© RIA Novosti / Alexander Kryazhev to Pass into an image bank the UAV has found the woman, nearly a week wandering on Krasnoyarsk taygedevyaty July of this year the teacher of work Sergey Golubyatnikov together with the friend have gone to fish to the Vologda region on the Ratts River. During alloy Sergey's workmate has fallen down in water and has got wet. Have decided to moor to the coast near a fishing small hut, to dry. "When we have already come into the room, it has become clear that the friend has forgotten in the cigarette boat. I have asked me to run and take away them., It seems, and the small hut stood near the coast and in the wood I well am guided — Golubyatnikov assures. — But to find a way back in fog it has appeared not easy. Several hours I turned as it seemed to me, near the house, and as a result have left for good in other party and have got lost in local swamps". Sergey remembers: when has begun to darken, he was captured by panic. He began to cry, call at the top of the voice to the aid. With himself the fisherman had even no lighter and a penknife. "Odette I was rather easily: in a camouflage hunting suit, under it the shirt, standing — gumboots — describes Golubyatnikov. — In a pocket I have groped the mobile phone, but it was absolutely useless as on the eve of the accumulator has sat down. The only thing which to me has helped to hold on — cream from insects which I have found in a pocket". Some more hours Sergey strayed on swamps, rolling knee-deep in viscous swill. When has darkened finally, I have understood that it is necessary to be bedded down. "I have broken fir-tree fir twigs, I have found more or less dry place on the height under a fir-tree. I have laid a part of branches as a laying, remained it was covered. So I also slept the next 24 nights" — the fisherman says. Sergey perfectly knew, what is the time strayed in the Vologda woods — did notches on the case of the mobile phone. I have quickly enough understood — in such solitude he will hardly be found, it is necessary to hope only for the forces. Then he has developed the plan of return home. "I knew that in the 1970th these swamps were going to drain for what have dug meliorative ditches — Sergey specifies. — They conducted to the river, and on her course it is possible to leave to the village. So as a result also it happened. Only this way has taken me nearly a month". All this time Golubyatnikov ate one berries — days stood droughty, mushrooms in the wood weren't. Once he has tried to eat kidneys, but they were bitter. Another time on the swamp I have found a grass, similar to a sorrel, however it was enough only



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