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Historians have doubted a civilization collapse explanation on Easter Island - RIA Novosti, 8/13/2018

MOSCOW, 13 Aug — RIA Novosti. The civilization on Easter Island could hardly disappear as a result of "war of all against all" as its inhabitants built idols together, exchanging materials and tools. The archeologists who have published article in Journal of Pacific Archaeology.© the Illustration of RIA Novosti have come to such conclusion. Alina Polyanina, Depositphotos/SergeyNivens of Genetics have revealed a secret of origin of a civilization from Easter Island" It seems that we overestimate that role which was played by the competition and a lack of resources of falling of a civilization on Easter Island. Stone and construction "industry" which traces we have opened accurately says that different tribes and groups of masters always cooperated with each other" — Dale Simpson from the University of Queensland in Brisbana (Australia) has said. Easter Island — one of the most mysterious places on Earth where there was a fancy civilization of Polynesians which has left behind numerous traces in the form of huge idols-moai about two millennia ago. They as today scientists consider, represent the idolized figures of ancestors and relatives of ancient inhabitants of the island. This civilization has actually disappeared from Easter Island even before arrival of Europeans there. Two things — resource depletion as a result of injurious destruction of the woods and animals by Polynesians and the war between different tribes of natives connected with it are considered as the reasons of it. Approximately by the time of arrival of the first travelers on the island these wars have led to almost total disappearance of culture of a moaa and its replacement by more aggressive and primitive culture of "ptitsechelovek". Finally the civilization remains on Easter Island have been destroyed in the middle of the 19th century when it was occupied by slave traders. Owing to destruction of culture the unique system of writing Rapanui is still not deciphered by scientists. © Photo: Sean Hixon Archeologists have revealed a secret of construction of idols from the island of Paskhisimpson and its colleagues have come to a conclusion that resource "war of all against all" was hardly the cause of a collapse of this civilization, studying several stone instruments of labor, so-called currents. Masters used these tools to turn blocks from spurs of rather soft volcanic tufa and then to turn them into the idols ready to transportation. Relatively recently, as the archeologist notes, his colleagues have found rather big set currents and other stone tools at a muzzle of a volcano of Terevak, in career of Rano-Raraku, one of three largest stone quarries of the island. Similar artifacts have been open in two other "mines", Pu Tuokituoki and Ava O'Kiri located on slopes of other volcanoes earlier. Authors of article have paid attention that all currents and other tools of "sculptors" have been made of basalt and obsidian whose chemical and isotope composition considerably differed for each of three volcanoes. It has suggested to them an idea that the similarity and difference between them can show where creators of a moaa from each stone quarry got the I shout



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