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Have cast away slippers: why cult became Crocs the outsider of the market - RIA Novosti, 8/25/2018

MOSCOW, 25 Aug — RIA Novosti, Natalya Dembinskaya. Following the results of the second quarter 2018 the profit of the world famous producer of rubber footwear of Crocs has dropped by 44%. And in August have reported: the company closes the last own factories. Now "Crocs" will do the third-party enterprises. The vice-president and the chief financial director are dismissed. Why firm which in zero has created a furor in the world shoe market, in outsiders now and that has gone not so in business — in material of RIA Novosti. © REUTERS/Neil Hall Luxury in a fire chamber: brands burn things for billions of dollars In 2002 three fans of sailing from Colorado have decided to create new type of footwear which wouldn't slide, was convenient and didn't leave marks on the deck. Having studied materials, friends have understood: here neither rubber, nor silicone, nor fabric, nor leather approach. They have addressed to the small company Creations Foam which was releasing a product from the made foam pitch — крослайт. It has formed a basis of "future footwear". © Fans of Sweden national team in a sabot of Crocs © AFP 2018/Jonathan Nackstrand Fans of Sweden national team in a sabot of Crocs the First party of innovative sabots Beach from the kroslayt friends have brought AFP 2018/Jonathan Nackstrand on an exhibition of boats to Florida. Also haven't lost: owners of yachts have bought up two hundred couples in only several hours. The inspired by success, young people have founded the company, have bought Creations Foam and have developed production. The enterprise called Crocs as the first model very much reminded crocodile морду.CC BY of 2.0/HERBALIFE (Independent Distributor)/Herbalife Sabrina Ask me as: what happened to global food "sect" to Herbalifemodny the world has given a hostile reception to a novelty. Slippers from the kroslayt differently as "ugly galoshes" and "rubber hoofs for a massmarket" weren't called. However not only yachtsmen, but also ordinary consumers were delighted. Slight and strong bedroom-slippers didn't rub callosities, they could be carried on a naked leg, and even the clumsy design (subsequently it has undergone changes — "the crocodile nose" was dulled for bigger comfort) was to the taste to buyers. By 2007 the company sold at 50 million pairs of shoes a year. In the 2005th Crocs has entered the European market, and in 2008 I have reached also Russia. In "Crocs" both city dandies, and advanced summer residents sported. The range of the company was replenished with gym shoes, boots, flats and also suitcases and accessories by then. However, already several years later the producer who is treated kindly by the market has faced a reverse side of wide popularity.© of AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes Crocs Shop in shopping center in Los Angeles © AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes Crocs Shop in shopping center in Los Angeles Ultrafashionable slippers possessed one essential shortcoming: cost quite much. It is no wonder that they have come into the view of the Asian producers which have flooded the market with fakes soon. Investigation has shown: the counterfeit comes from China. Footwear is done, using the compression molds, the equipment and components stolen with оф



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