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Has told Roskachestvo how to choose laundry detergent - RIA Novosti, 9/5/2018

MOSCOW, 5 Sep — RIA Novosti. Experts Roskachestva in the message have told how it is correct to choose the good laundry detergent suitable for a concrete case. The autonomous nonprofit organization "Russian Quality System" (Roskachestvo) is founded by the order of the government in 2015 for carrying out independent researches of quality of the goods presented on shelves of the Russian shops and education of Russians in the choice of qualitative goods and services. To the best goods of Roskachestvo awards Russian "Quality mark". Experts Roskachestva note that answers to questions of will help to decide on the choice of laundry detergent whether washing by hands or in the machine automatic machine, what fabrics and in what state packing is planned. It isn't necessary to use powders for hand wash in the machine automatic machine, experts warn. "The matter is that powders for hand wash happen high-foamy, and the excess of foam can damage an electrical wiring of the washing machine. Powders for machines automatic machines low-foamy thanks to correctly picked up structure or due to introduction of the defoaming agent" — experts note. At the same time they pay also attention that all linen for washing can conditionally be divided into four groups: cotton, wool, silk and polyester. According to experts, for linen from natural fabrics — bed, towels — universal powdery remedies approach. "If bleaching is required, then choose means with addition of powdery bleach or the amplifier of washing — stain remover — on the basis of perekisny bleaches. The recommended washing temperature — from 60 to 90 degrees" — are advised by experts. For color linen, for example shirts to use means for color linen more effectively. To remove specific spots, it is possible to add bleach for color linen or the amplifier of washing — stain remover — on the basis of perekisny bleaches, at the same time the recommended washing temperature — 40 degrees. Experts recommend to wash clothes from "delicate" fabrics only special means for delicate fabrics at a temperature of washing of 40 degrees if it is allowed by the producer of such linen. As for things from wool, according to experts, it is better to hand over them in a dry-cleaner. "If have decided to erase, use special liquid means for wool and silk" — specify in Roskachestva. "In hard water not only sharply the quality of washing decreases, but also the car can quickly fail because on her heating elements the scum is formed" — representatives of the organization pay attention. They specify that for mitigation of hardness of water in composition of powders phosphates, zeolites and phosphonates, and enter into liquid synthetic detergents — citrates, salts of citric acid. "Always pay attention to existence of these components as a part of means for washing if hardness of water in your region of average or high level: it is higher than three-four degrees of rigidity" — experts recommend. If in family there are children up to three years, it is necessary to use means



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