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"Hallo, higher education institutions look for talents": as the interested universities - RIA Novosti, work 9/5/2018

Support of exceptional children, creation for them special conditions of training, the help in the choice of an educational and professional trajectory become one of the main lines in educational process of the Russian universities. Participating higher education institutions of the Project 5-100 are engaged not only search of talented and motivated school students, but also start for them social elevators "school higher education institution", and then support their professional growing. From elementary school to the employer Today the university ‒ it not only the place where the person follows knowledge, but also the center of gravity of talents, the place where there is an opportunity for realization of the most courageous ambitions. Most higher education institutions are interested in systematic, consecutive work with children since the earliest age. For example, in Far Eastern Federal University since October educational programs for the Sirius model start. In the center of attention – mathematics and natural sciences. The university supports talented school students on the way of conscious choice of profession and career development: in DVFU there is own network of lyceums and gymnasiums where children with 1 on 11 classes study that allows "Vesti" by children from elementary school to the employer in the Far East. "This academic year we have started the pilot project "Pacific Schools". Our programs are available to each child, they year-round and free. It is possible to try mathematics, biology and chemistry, informatics and other objects", ‒ the deputy vice rector for educational and educational work of DVFU Elena Harisova speaks. According to her, the best teachers, undergraduates, young scientists work with school students. At the same time special attention is paid to researches, experiments and a practical training on the basis of modern laboratories. The right choice "to", but not "after" the Southern Ural State University for last decade has constructed the, rather effective school higher education institution system which covers more than 300 educational institutions of the Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, Orenburg regions and Bashkortostan. "Our task is in that school students even during training could make a right choice. Besides, it allows to create good knowledge base on those disciplines which they will study in higher education institution", ‒ the deputy vice rector for study Yuli Bolotin.© Infographics tells How to enter to the university of Russia: The navigator - 2018B the university the Engineering school, School of builders, small academy "Biotekhnologiya", academy of Psikhey and Mediapokoleniye club work. Two times a year during summer and winter vacation the university carries out schools of sciences in 15 directions of preparation where children learn features of this or that science by method of design training. In other higher education institution of the Ural Federal District, Ural Federal University, design change where school students within the special educational program can pass trainings is organized, get acquainted with work of scientific personnel of the university and choose the educational trajectory. "Most of those who pass pry



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