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Geologists have revealed a secret of disappearance of the legendary harbor of Pisa - RIA Novosti, 8/23/2018

MOSCOW, 23 Aug – RIA Novosti. The Pisa harbor, one of the largest and rich ports of Italy and ancient Rome, has mysteriously disappeared at the end of the Middle Ages because of little changes in the level of the Ligurian Sea. The geologists who have published article in the Scientific Reports.© Fotolia/Krugloff magazine In Iraq have come to such conclusion have found ancient Sumer port "We have found out that the harbor of Pisa has begun to shallow and be reduced still in those days when the military-political power of this city was at the peak level. Time of the fastest retreat of the sea has coincided with the largest defeat of the Pisa flotillas in 1284 that has doomed the city to defeat in war with Genoa" — write David Kaniewski from the university of Toulouse (France) and his colleagues. Ancient Roman chronicles are often mentioned that the modern Italian city of Pisa where there is a well-known "falling" tower, was one of the largest ports of late antiquity. In his harbor hundreds of the fighting and trade ships where they have been protected from storm and other manifestations of elements quietly were placed. The comfortable geographical location and the saved-up riches allowed Pisa to remain one of the most powerful cities in Italy and after fall of the Roman Empire. Her flotillas could compete on force to military armadas of many states of that time, and her dealers dominated in the markets of Byzantium and the Sacred Roman Empire. In the middle of the 13th century Pisa suddenly falls into decay, having lost several large sea wars to Genoa. On a legend, the Genoa forces have occupied the Pisa port, have rummaged and have destroyed his harbor and filled up her I will merge. Archeologists, historians and many other scientists try to understand long ago where there was this harbor whether there was it in reality and that has really happened to her. © Photo: Archeologists have found out institute of archeology of RAS who built Andrey Bogolyubskogoproblem's temples is that now Pisa is in 10 kilometers from coast of the Ligurian Sea whereas at the time of antiquity if to trust Cicero and other ancient Roman chroniclers, the city was directly at a water edge. That has forced Pisa "to move" and where initially there was her port, isn't clear yet. A part of scientists considers that Pisa "has moved" deep into the continent because of deposits with which the rivers of Arno and Kalambrone have covered the coast, neighboring to her. Other researchers assume that the port and the harbor of Pisa could be isolated as a result of retreat of the sea or some changes in a relief of his bottom. Kaniewski and his colleagues have shown that the second idea is closer to reality, having studied how the level of the Ligurian Sea of the last ten thousand years changed. For this purpose scientists have collected the examples of breeds formed on its coast in the neighborhood of Pisa and on Corsica located at the opposite edge of the sea. As explain scientific, sea and river sedimentary breeds considerably differ in structure and comprise different traces of flora and fauna. It allows to define where there were seashores and beds of the rivers, layer-by-layer analyzing structure of similar deposits, and calculate



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